What is Anapolon and Cycle Tips For Beginners

Anapolon, also known as oxymetholone, A50 and Anadrol, is a legendary steroid that was developed by Zoltan Pharmaceuticals, a company that is no longer in business. When the drug was developed, it was intended for increasing muscle mass in patients who were malnourished or had growth disorders.
Bodybuilders soon discovered that Anapolon was also extremely effective for their goals. After Dan Duchaine informed the bodybuilding community of Anapolon’s similarity to Dianabol, the popularity of Anapolon soared. Here is a deeper look at Anapolon, including its anabolic effects, recommended dosage, side effects and stacking information.

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Side Effects of Anapolon Use

Despite the fact that Anapolon is classified among steroids derived from DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, it has different effects on body composition compared to other DHT-derived steroids, such as anavar, primobolan and winstrol. The others are known as ideal for cutting cycles, but Anapolon is purely meant for bulking. Many bodybuilders are shocked that Anapolon will not help them lose fat.

Side effects often show up very soon after the start of an Anapolon cycle. In fact, side effects are frequently noticeable right after a single pill is taken and tend to last until the cycle is complete. High blood pressure, severe bloating and elevated liver enzymes are among the most frequent side effects for which this steroid is known.

Bodybuilders may experience cramps in the lower back area during an Anapolon cycle. In some cases, users have bad headaches. Gynecomastia, in which breast tissue develops in males, can also occur because of the heavy androgenic effects of Anapolon. Acne, another androgenic issue, is extremely common.

A wide range of other side effects are frequently seen in bodybuilders taking Anapolon. These side effects include skin color changes, stomach pain, problems urinating, fast weight gain, absence of appetite, vomiting, insomnia, restlessness, fatigue and depression. Women are particularly susceptible to androgenic effects of Anapolon, such as changes in sex drive, menstrual changes, balding and increased hair growth on the chin and chest.

If Anapolon is taken for extended periods, major side effects can occur. For example, long-term users are at risk of hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. For these reasons, experts consider long-term use of high-dose Anapolon to be hazardous. Regular liver testing should be used by any bodybuilder who takes Anapolon to avoid having liver problems become serious.

How Anapolon Should Be Taken

To minimize side effects, Anapolon should be dosed at 50 to 100 mg. Even at these dosages, however, side effects are considered normal. More extensive side effects are likely to appear when dosage exceeds 100 mg, so higher amounts are not advised.

Bodybuilders who are intent on bulking can expect to succeed at their goal with an Anapolon cycle lasting just six weeks. Like higher dosages, cycles longer than six weeks are not recommended as side effects are more likely to appear by that point. For bodybuilders who are new to Anapolon, dosages of 25-50 mg per day should be used.

Anapolon users in the intermediate category may want to use a higher dosage for up to 12 weeks. At the 100-mg level, users who want to minimize their risks of severe side effects should not take Anapolon for longer than six to eight weeks.
Using Anapolon in a Bulking Stack

Including Anapolon in a bulking stack can be very effective. In fact, the mass-building effects of Anapolon can be even more dramatic when the steroid is used in combination with others. Many bodybuilders use Anapolon at the beginning of bulking cycles because of its fast effects, which essentially jump-start the cycle. Steroids commonly stacked with Anapolon include dianabal-Dbol, trenbolic 100, decabolic, testosteroxyl testosterone booster and clenbuteroxyl 20.

For a stack that focuses on strength building, Anapolon works well combined with decabolic, dianabal-Dbol and testosteroxyl testosterone booster. It is important to note that other 17-alpha alkylated oral steroids should not be combined with Anapolon because the liver-toxic effects will be additive, potentially causing liver damage that is severe as well as permanent.

What Reviewers State About Results from Anapolon

A majority of bodybuilders who have reviewed Anapolon say that the steroid boosted their lean mass significantly. Basically, Anapolon puts the body in an anabolic state, which promotes the synthesis of protein while preventing its breakdown.

In just six to 12 weeks, most Anapolon users see lean gains along the lines of 15 to 20 pounds. Of course, impressive strength gains also tend to accompany this bulk. This steroid increases the rate at which the body makes red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the muscles. The result is better stamina in the gym and very rapid increases in strength.

Many reviewers confirm that Anapolon offers major improvements in strength and lean mass gains in a short time. In fact, two weeks is all that some reviewers have needed to gain 10 pounds. According to some reviewers, Anapolon enabled them to work out harder at the gym, increasing their ability to keep lifting at a high level while reducing their need for rest periods.

Very clean gains and major improvements in the bench press are also mentioned by reviewers. Overall, this steroid can easily be considered one of the best for rapid bulking. Bodybuilders who use it simply need to be aware of the side effects that can come with Anapolon. With avoidance of excessive dosages and overly long cycles, it is possible to prevent serious side effects while still getting amazing results from this truly powerful steroid.



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