What is a Trenbolone Cycle?

Any anabolic steroid user that is looking to do some cutting or bulking will find that a high quality Trenbolone cycle is very useful for producing the desired results.
A good Trenbolone cycle will help to produce solid gains and provide users of the steroid with every type of enhancement they would expect from this type of cycle.
What’s important is knowing exactly when to use this steroid.
Trenbolone  - perfect for building muscles and losing fat
Trenbolone – perfect for building muscles and losing fat
In general, this cycle is actually just as important for bulking as it is for cutting, despite the fact that its primary usage is cutting. There are two types of Trenbolone cycles available for users, including the amateur cycle and the expert cycle. The following will provide an in-depth look at each of these cycles and when they should be used.


Trenbolone Benefits:

+ build muscle mass while losing unwated fat at the same time
+ can be used by beginners as well as experienced users
+ perfect for 6 to 10 week cycles



Amateur Trenbolone Cycle

The first Trenbolone cycle is known as an amateur cycle due to the fact that it is the simpler of the two types to properly complete.

In essence, this cycle involves 6 weeks of usage with a moderate dose every 2 days. For this cycle, it’s important to supplement in the Trenbolone Acetate form, which should be done in both cycle types.

This is done for a number of beneficial reasons. For one, it’s designed to ascertain whether or not the users body reacts well to the hormone, while also providing a fast action release for the steroid as a means of reducing the number of side effects.

In order to achieve the most from this Trenbolone cycle, it’s also recommended that all users stack the steroid with additional testosterone.

There’s no strict dosage of testosterone that needs to be taken. In fact, anyone that has supplemented Trenbolone before can take a large dosage. However, it’s important that new users that have yet to supplement Trenbolone stick to a lower dosage of testosterone for the first cycle. As for Trenbolone, the dosage to use should be around 50 milligrams of the steroid.

As a reminder, this dosage should be taken every two days for a six day period.

While this is known as the beginner or amateur cycle, it’s also the most common for any anabolic steroid user to use. If this cycle works out well on the first time, it’s possible to up the dosage the next cycle, which will bring about better results. However, there is also an increased chance that side effects could occur, which should be taken into account when considering upping the dosage.

Trenorol – great for beginner cycles



Expert Trenbolone Cycle

Similar to the amateur Trenbolone cycle, the expert cycle will involve the supplementing of Trenbolone-Acetate.

The standard dosage is set to 100 milligrams, which is twice the amount of the dosage taken during the amateur cycle. The aforementioned dosage is taken every two days for a period of 8 weeks.

While it’s possible to up the number of weeks to 10 or even 12, the vast majority of men will not be able to handle this lengthier cycle time. However, anyone that wants to extend the cycle time to 10 or 12 weeks can also intake the 100 milligram dosage on an everyday basis instead of the standard 2 day period.

For anyone that has decided to progress with this extreme cycle and are able to withstand any potential side effects, the gains that are received will be astonishing in comparison to gains found with any standard steroid cycles.

Those that aren’t able to withstand such a high dosage on a daily basis shouldn’t feel discouraged.

The reason that this type of cycle doesn’t work with most men isn’t because the ones that are able to use it are somehow stronger, it’s that most bodies will simply not react well to that high of a dosage and it can actually be unhealthy if side effects subsist, which is why every user should find the right cycle for them.


Extra Information About the Trenbolone Cycle

There is some extra information that every Trenbolone user should be aware of. For instance, the primary reason that testosterone is so highly recommended for supplementing with Trenbolone during the cycle is due to the fact that the steroid in and of itself will automatically lessen the natural production rates of testosterone within a persons body. In general, testosterone will also boost the efficacy of the cycle.

 There are some other supplements that can be stacked with Trenbolone during the cycle as well, which includes everything from Winstrol steroids during a cutting period to Anadrol for a bulking phase.

HGH is another useful hormone that can work quite well with Trenbolone. No matter which plan is chosen or what substances are stacked with Trenbolone, most users will quickly find that either of the possible Trenbolone cycles are some of the most effective cutting or bulking cycles available.

Get the Tren gains without the sides!

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