Top Anabolic Steroids Super Charge Strength and Stamina

Androgenic steroids are typically the most effective anabolic strength boosting steroid. The fact of the matter is that the most powerful muscle contraction neural modulators are androgenic drugs.

Anabolic steroids have a component that is androgenic, which cause muscle contraction.


Sensitive Nerves Grow Muscle

Neural growth factors are substances that are stimulated by androgenic drugs. When stimulated, neural growth factor production increases. This in turn causes nerve sensitivity to increase. Heightened nerve sensitivity causes heightened muscle sensitivity to contract in response to stimulation. Physiologists and biomechanists identify this heightened interplay between nerve state and muscle contraction an increase in neuromuscular efficiency.

Essentially, androgenic drug use produces more sensitive nerves. Sensitive nerves become better at targeting and contracting innervated muscle fibers. The results are practically instantaneous muscle strengthening.


Rapid Drug Assimilation Yields Rapid Workout Results

Thailand d-bols prior to an upcoming chest workout should show an undeniably upgraded bench press workout. A testosterone suspension will yield a similar result. Drug assimilation into the system is rapid and effectively improves muscle fiber contraction by the motor neurons.

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The effect depends on how rapidly androgen assimilates into your system. This “juiced up” feeling is the tell tale sign. Another sign is an increased libido. There is no shortage of incredible horror stories about pets! All jokes aside, Westchester juicebags are legend!


Anabolic Steroid Biochemistry

Stimulatory drugs and androgenic anabolic drugs similarly affect the nerves. Consider the inhalation of a significant dose of a recreational stimulant, and then attempting to bench press a heavy load. Might be a big bench press, but there is

There are many considerations when taking steroids
There are many considerations when taking steroids

also the real possibility of a big heart attack as well. This is not advisable, just an illustration of muscle contraction by nerve stimulation.

Recreational drugs can cause stimulation as well as damage to the neuromuscular system, including damage to the cardiovascular system, unlike anabolic steroids alone. Ephedrine is a better example than cocaine. The ephedrine surge is familiar. A considered dose of ephedrine before a workout is a sure fire way to become stronger. The underlying biochemistry remains an interplay between neurotransmitters, modulators and neuromuscular excitement.


Drugs with Strength Boosting Potential

Which drugs have the best strength boosting potential? The top five are:

  • Trenbolone
  • Dianabol
  • Anadrol
  • Testosterone Propionate
  • Testosterone Suspension

These drugs are generally effective. Trenbolone and testosterone in general will increase strength. Except, the higher the dose of drug activity in your system during a period, the more nerves are stimulated, and the higher the strength produced by increased muscle contraction. A gradual increase in strength will occur when using the slow release versions of a given drug, rather than obtaining an instant androgen surge.

Besides suspension, dianabol produces the best instant androgen surge. Though significantly toxic and not recommended, methyltestosterone also yields an immediate androgen rush. Other options include inhaling ground finaplix pellets, used by the Olympic German swim team, and drinking a few milliliters of Reforvit-B. These other options are purely informational not necessarily recommendations.


Top 5 Strength Boosters

Dianabol, anadrol, testosterone, and trenbolone are the top strength increasing drugs. Anavar, via creatine synthesis and retention, is also a top strength enhancer. However, anavar works by a different method to stimulate strength than other drugs mentioned. Anavar is mentioned as a strength enhancer because at a daily dose between 20-25mg, it is more effective than other anabolics.

As a young, healthy person without high cholesterol, high blood pressure or other cardiovascular risks, a pre-workout androgen surge might become a favorite. On an empty stomach, mix 3-5 Thailand dianabol, 50 mg ephedrine and 400mg caffeine. Neural stimulation can also be caused by L-tyrosine, an amino acid. Adding Red Bull or other carbonation to 2-4 grams of L-tyrosine might assist with system assimilation.


Top Natural Strength Enhancing Steroid – Dianobal

Dianobal or D-bol is a natural steroid alternative to the prescription drug Methandrostenolone. Methandrostenolone was designed to rapidly build muscle mass while increasing the creation of proteins, or synthesis. However, unlike

Dianobal - a natural
Dianobal – a 100% natural steroid alternative to boost strength and stamina – find out more now

Methandrostenolone, D-bol can build muscle mass and enhance strength, without side effects like increased breast growth.

D-bol increases the retention of nitrogen and also improves protein synthesis. The result is that muscles remain anabolic and grow rapidly, increasing stamina along with focus and drive. Top anabolic steroids can super charge strength and workout results.

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