Top 3 Fat Burners for Sports Freaks in 2015

Getting rid of unwanted fat can be tough. Fat burning supplements help speed your own body’s natural process of burning fat for energy. You can increase muscle and decrease fat by adding fat burners to Best Fat Burners 2015your diet and workout regime.

The supplements work in two ways to speed up the body’s natural metabolism.

The first thing your cells do is to metabolize nutrients from the food you eat for energy, and then they turn to burning fat to sustain their energy.

Some Fat burners take your cells to the stage of burning fat for energy faster than your body does on its own.

Other supplements raise your temperature called, thermogenesis. The cells burn fat during the act of raising the body’s temperature.


Most fat burners contain the same ingredients in different ratios, such as:

  • Caffeine – a stimulant
  • Chromium – helps curb sugar cravings
  • L-carnitine – an amino acid that replenishes nitric oxide and increases blood flow to deliver more oxygen to the muscles
  • Guggulsterone – believed to increase metabolism
  • Vitamin B – increases endurance

These work like an energy drink to keep you motivated. They help prevent lethargy and fatigue, while curbing your appetite and speeding your metabolism.

Top 3 Fat Burning Supplements in 2015


Capsiplex Sport

Capsiplex Sport gives you an extra boost of energy during your workout. Take one pill with water 30 minutes before your workout to increase your endurance in the gym. Containing only natural ingredients, this Capsiplex Sportssupplement is safe for men and women of all ages.

Using Thermogenesis with capsaicin and red chili, Capsiplex Sport provides a more effective workout, burning more fat as you exercise.

The red chili and capsaicin raise your body heat.

Along with the standard ingredients, this supplement also contains Piperine, which speeds metabolism.

Advanced Health in Glasgow, Scotland developed this fat burner. The clinical studies at the University of Oklahoma showed up to 3 times more calories were burned before exercising, 3 times more burned during exercise and 12 times more for an hour after the workout.

On average, 278 more calories were burned with one dose. A bottle sells for $59.99 with discounts if you purchase more than one. There is also a money back guarantee if you do not see results within 60 days.

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PhenQ is produced in the United States with a money back guarantee. A daily dose of all natural ingredients will help suppress your appetite, overcome emotional eating habits, reduce calories and increase your PhenQenergy level. Approved by the FDA, PhenQ burns fat by increasing your metabolism and with thermogenesis. As well as the most common ingredients, there are:

  • Calcium Carbonate encourages the cells to stop stocking up on fat.
  • Nopal helps control hunger.
  • Capsimax Powder that contains Caffeine, Capsicum, Piperine and Niacin, which enhances thermogenesis.
  • a-Lacys Reset gives a boost to muscle mass.

One pill with breakfast, and one with lunch is all you need along with diet and exercise to have a more effective fat burning experience.PhenQ can raise your temperature.

Do not go over the recommended daily dosage. Do not use PhenQ if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. One bottle of 60 pills costs $69.95.

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The company called, Crazy Bulk produces and distributes Anvarol. This fat burning supplement is a natural substitute for the steroid called, Anavar. It does basically the same thing as the steroid without all theAnvarol side effects. Build muscle with ingredients like:

  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) provides short bursts of muscle energy and sustained contraction. This gives the muscle more power.
  • BCAA is a branched chain of amino acids comprised of Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine that stimulates muscle growth.
  • Wild Yam Root has hormone-like properties that improve sexual performance and increase energy.
  • Whey protein concentrate stimulates protein intake and muscle-building.
  • Soy Protein Isolate involves the hormone testosterone for better muscle growth.

Anvarol is safe with no reported side effects. One pill 3 times a day with meals will give noticeable results within a couple of months. The recommended workout period for the best results are 2 months on and 10 days off unless approved otherwise by your physician.

For $54.99 you can get fat burning power to build muscle mass and increase your sex drive.

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Possible Side Effects?

As with anything you put into your body, side effects can happen to some people. Fat burners can raise your temperature, which may increase your blood pressure and raise your heart rate.

The higher levels of Caffeine can cause insomnia. There is a chance of dehydration in hot weather, which causes fatigue and nausea.

Drug interactions are a possibility if you take medications to stabilize your heart, for bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression or anti psychotic disorders. Some fat burners have ingredients that act like a laxative and should be avoided if you take medications for your gastrointestinal system.

One of the most reported side effects are headaches. Aggression, nervousness and anxiety have been reported. Be leery of fat burning supplements that contain ephedrine, as this has been reported to cause death is some people by raising the body temperature to dangerous levels, and in some cases cause seizures.

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