To what extent do steroids lower post-workout recovery time?

It is not possible to give a definitive answer concerning the extent to which steroids decrease Steroids and muscle recoverypost-workout recovery time. That is because factors such as body weight, muscle mass and the type of steroids used will impact workout recovery.

Steroids have to be prescribed by a physician, and he or she cannot prescribe steroids simply to enhance the benefits of your workout and/or your recovery.

There has to be a legitimate medical need for steroids to be prescribed.


What are the chief medical reasons for which doctors prescribe steroids?

There are a variety of medical conditions for which doctors prescribe steroids.

Physicians prescribe steroids to treat malfunctioning pituitary glands in boys. They also prescribe steroids when there is an absence of testes in men who have undergone treatment for testicular cancer.

Additionally, steroids are oftentimes prescribed to women and men who experience muscle degeneration during periods of extended comas.

Cancer patients who lose muscle mass because of chemotherapy may also be prescribed steroids.

Doctors are limited in the amount of steroids that can be prescribed. In each case, the prescribed level must not be higher than the level produced naturally by the body.

There is no doubt that steroids benefits muscle building in men and women. It also aids muscle recovery. Nevertheless, steroid use is illegal because the side effects far outweigh the benefits obtained.


Do steroids help to build muscles?

The difference in “before” and “after” photos of steroid users seems to support the claim that steroids aid muscle development, but the available information is somewhat conflicting.

The results of clinical studies are also inconsistent. Additionally, steroids do not necessarily make an athlete any stronger or faster — which defeats the goals of many athletes.

Importantly, however, most studies show that steroids benefit people whose muscle mass have been compromised by surgery or disease. This benefit does not extend to people with degenerative muscle diseases. Interestingly, steroids appear to aid reduction of body fat, but the reasons for this phenomenon defy medical explanation.


How do steroids help muscle recovery after workout?

Steroids block the body’s production of cortisol. When the body is stressed, it produces cortisol, which has anti-inflammatory properties. As such, cortisol reduces the time that muscles need to recover.

Blocking cortisol is dangerous for the body, however, because cortisol plays an important and vital role in many bodily functions.

– Metabolizes glucose in the body
– Regulates blood pressure, which is especially important during periods of high stress
– Helps to release insulin in the body when it is needed
– Boosts immunity levels
– Alleviates pain

Under medical use, low-dose steroids minimize the risk of the body blocking cortisol production. However, bodybuilders and other athletes typically use dangerously high doses of steroids.

If cortisol is continually blocked, diabetes will develop, and pain and illnesses will ensue.


What are the main side effects of using steroids?

Children whose bodies are still growing may experience stunted growth if they are given steroids. Steroids may also cause the development of an enlarged heart, male pattern baldness, aggressive behavior, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, aggravated acne, stretch marks, infections and other undesirable conditions.

Although many weightlifting websites might play down the negative side effects of using steroids, or claim that most people do not experience side effects, clinical studies and personal accounts demonstrate strongly that protracted use of steroids does affect all users to a greater or lesser degree.

Ultimately, the dangers of steroid use definitely outweigh the benefits, and this is especially true if the user is self-medicating.

Many weight trainers quite sensibly shun the use of steroids. To get more stamina and energy for their workouts, they consume energy drinks or use safe and natural supplements.

Many different types of natural supplements that enhance workouts safely and efficiently are readily available for use by bodybuilders and other athletes. Use the supplement finder to locate them today!

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