The story of Legal Steroids at GNC and Other Shops

Dedicated consumers who have been consistently taking supplements are aware of the fact that those supplements aren’t miracle workers, and they also don’t offer a whole lot of results despite their numerous claims to that effect.

However, steroids can and do deliver quick results, but it’s a question of being able to obtain them first.

Many consumers question whether or not they can locate legal steroids for purchase at places such as Walmart, GNC, and other stores including nutritional shops and outlets.

Interviews with a variety of employees at GNC and other stores can offer some insight into whether legal steroids are available there and, if not, what types of recommendations can be offered in place of those.

The answer to the availability of legal steroids for sale in these places is a resounding “no”, which is really not surprising given the following facts obtained through some research.

The Reason GNC Does Not Sell Steroids

The first and most glaring reason that GNC doesn’t offer steroids for sale is because they simply can’t. In order to purchase steroids, an individual has to have a valid prescription from a physician, and even if one has such a prescription, it needs to be purchased from a pharmacy and not over the counter.

GNC isn’t a pharmacy, and although some stores have a pharmacy inside of them, they are still not permitted to sell steroids over the counter.

In addition, many of the anabolics can no longer be purchased legally because they have been banned from use in the United States for more than 15 years.

There are certain products, known as “steroid alternatives”, that are available, but these alternatives are not the same as the real thing. For the most part, they are just mass gainers, protein shakes, and other items. These are promoted pretty highly as being legal anabolics.

Finding Legal Steroids in Walmart and Vitamin Shoppe

As with GNC, representatives of Walmart and Vitamin Shoppe provide the same answer, which is that they do not sell legal steroids. Similarly, they offered a variety of steroid alternatives that were in line with what GNC recommended.

One difference between these stores and GNC was that they gave a strong recommendation for using other alternatives including HGH supplements and testosterone boosters.


Much like the other alternatives, they aren’t real steroids and don’t truly raise HGH or testosterone levels, but offer results that are somewhat similar.

There Are Alternatives to Be Found Online

So, what’s a consumer to do in order to find items that will truly copy the results of steroids without having to take steroids?

There are actually supplements that can be bought, but they’re not available at GNC, Walmart, or Vitamin Shoppe. These supplements can be purchased on the Internet market.

Crazy Bulk is one brand that offers multiple stacks that use natural ingredients and provide like results as steroids without the use of pharmaceuticals. Many of their products work well to help with packing on weight and other goals.

The Crazy Bulk bulking stack contains four unique supplements that assist with adding mass, while their cutting stack can help consumers who would like to decrease weight while holding on to lean muscle mass. Whatever the goal is, they offer different products to help meet that goal naturally.

To Sum It All Up

It can be hazardous to use steroids, so consumers are strongly cautioned against using them to achieve results.

However, for those who are looking for legal steroids to get prepped for competition or just for personal satisfaction in body image, there are other alternatives that are safer and will provide similar effects without causing the dangerous side effects that come with steroids.

These alternatives are readily available online through a variety of Internet marketplaces.

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