The Relationship Between To Testosterone Levels and Alcohol

This is a topic that causes a lot of arguments among people. The main question being, “does alcohol hurt or decrease a person’s testosterone levels?” For most people, after an intensive weight training, dieting and cardio workouts,

Testosterone - Muscle Mass
Testosterone – responsible for muscle recovery, regeneration and lean muscle mass

there is always that strong desire to sit down and relax. During this relaxing moment, the desire to have a few alcoholic beverages may crop up.

Usually, those that drink alcohol fall in four main categories. There is a category that considers alcohol drinking as a social thing, a weekend thing, and those that drink during very special occasions like an event or during a vacation.

The last group takes alcohol several times a week and has high chances of experiencing fat loss and muscle gains even if this alcohol will not have a direct effect on their testosterone levels.




What Happens Between Alcohol and Testosterone Levels?

As much as excessive consumption of alcohol increases the risk of health

problems like unintentional injuries or liver disease, it also has a significant impact on a person’s testosterone levels and sperm count. Too much alcohol will prevent the body from producing free testosterone and this negatively affects this

Alcohol decreases Testosterone levels
Alcohol decreases Testosterone levels and prevents you from getting a lean, muscular physique

person’s growth hormone levels.

For one to shed body fat and build muscles there has to be enough hormones. The more one reduces his or her GH levels, the lower the chances of a lean, muscular physique.

Apart from testosterone levels, excess alcohol in the body increases estrogen levels. As estrogen levels increase, the body’s ability to produce testosterone is killed and this can result into a significant increase in body fat. As if that is not enough, this alcohol will cause oxidative- and cell damage.




Proper Drinking Regulations to Follow

For anyone in a body building competition or any other competitive event that requires a top notch physique, it is advisable to completely shun away from alcohol, especially during the training period. As much many people will love to keep their bodies healthy and in shape, there is always that strong desire to unwind. It is at this point that some opt to occasionally take

If you're serious about body building it's better to cut on alcohol altogether
If you’re serious about body building it’s better to cut on alcohol altogether

alcoholic beverages. Although any alcohol intake decreases testosterone levels, the guideline below can be helpful to anyone that chooses to drink alcohol:

• Avoid, at all costs, excessive drinking
• Avoid a daily basis form of alcohol drinking. It is advisable to take just a glass of red wine.
• After drinking alcohol, take as much water as possible. Preferably use the 1:1 rule. That is, a glass of water accompanying every alcohol beverage taken.
• As training times approaches, do not take alcohol. It has a direct effect on one’s training intensity.
• To avoid alcohol impact on ones energy and performance during a workout, it’s advisable not to drink alcohol a day before this exercise.
• Do not take alcohol after a workout. It has a negative impact on one’s recovery from this workout.
• Avoid taking alcohol right before bed time.
• Avoid taking mixed drinks that contain high sugar levels.

With the above tips, you can still drink alcohol and maintain optimal growth hormones and testosterone levels. A daily glass of red wine has heart health benefits.


Is alcohol consumption worth it?

The answer to this question varies from one person to the other. It all depends on one’s phase of training, the performance, and the type of physique competition that one is carrying out.

Better avoid Alcohol altogether

The health state of an individual also plays a significant role. For example, for a person who is overweight and is aiming at a steady reduction of body fat, avoiding alcohol completely is a must. A few social drinks for a person who is healthy and with a good physique won’t be harmful.


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You can boost Testosterone levels naturally with Testosterone Max - get it today
Boost your Testosterone levels  with Testosterone Max – get it today

experiencing any side effects. The supplement also helps one to gain lean muscle mass, increases energy, makes the post workout recovery fast, and boosts one’s strength to perform intense workouts.

It is made using Tribulus Terrestris extracts that have been standardized to 45 percent saponins.

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