The Lowdown on Mexican Steroids

Many people don’t realize that they’re already familiar with Mexican steroids, sold all over the world under a variety of trade names such as Quality Vet, Brovel, Tornel, or the legendary Ttokkyo Labs. 
Buying Steroids in Mexico
Probably one of the most famous producers is Denekal, an Australian company that once dominated the Mexican steroid market. After rising to the top in Mexico, these unique formulations of steroids became incredibly sought after in the United States.
Year after year, Americans are the strongest customer for the powerful Mexican steroids. Regrettably, the Mexican steroids have lowered their quality standards, and are no longer prominent brand leaders.


The Early History of Mexican Steroids

Unfortunately for market leaders, once they could no longer produce quality Mexican steroids, their customer base rapidly dwindled. No more can consumers depend on Mexican Steroids to be the best product on the market. After established labs in Mexico first blazed the trail, a host of fraudulent copycat firms sprang up, selling cheap, watered-down goods. Even respected pharmaceutical producers began cutting down their product in an effort to ram prices lower. As a result, athletes and consumers can no longer depend on Mexican Steroids to be reliably effective, genuine or high quality.


The Power of a Good Education

Now that the world is connected in the wondrous web of the internet, anabolic steroid users can avail themselves of instantaneous rich resources to educate themselves. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a learning curve as beginners and prospective anabolic steroid consumers must wade through a fair bit of misinformation.

But once online surfers avail themselves of the wealth of true knowledge about the marketplace for steroids, they’ll learn the real story of how Mexican labs became tainted. Many weightlifters and professional athletes had long complained of the fact that even quality Mexican steroids were not human grade, and so other labs began working to provide a better product.


The Evolution of Steroid Availability

Starting in the early 1970s, widespread mistrust and suspicion about anabolic steroids meant that they were hard to obtain for many consumers. Athletes often had to turn to their local gym, where many dealers only had access to Mexican steroids. Initially, these laboratory grade products provided quality results for American consumers. But when cutthroat firms sprang up, offering much cheaper inferior products, many American athletes sought an outlet.

As internet use became more widespread in the United States, consumers were finally able to band together to identify fraudulent labs and huckster companies.

Global firms run by quality labs began taking advantage of the growing demand in America, and were able to deliver top shelf human grade anabolic steroids. Although hundreds of Mexican firms did not make the transition, surviving laboratories have vowed to remain competitive.


A Look at the Future of Mexican Steroids

Experts agree that right now the future of the Mexican steroid market is too volatile to make an accurate prediction. One thing Mexican laboratories have in their favor is the fact that Mexican laws are very permissive of the production of anabolic steroids. Some investors have expressed the desire for quality, well-run laboratories to return to producing steroids, in effect rewinding to the “good old days”.

Now that there is a robust global trade in quality anabolic steroids from certified labs, the future of the Mexican market looks quite bleak. There are few signs of life from south of the border, as counterfeit and sub-quality hucksters continue to dominate that dwindling market. It is a sad fact that pride in one’s product is a relic of the past in Mexico.


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