The 7 Best Forums in the World for Bodybuilders, Strongmen & Fitness Enthusiasts

Forums are a fantastic place to uncover valuable facts and exchange ideas with other like-minded people.

This is especially true for fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts. However, it is important to know that the information presented is trustworthy and accurate.

When someone is searching for an influential bodybuilding, strongman, or fitness forum, they should apply strong SEO results, plus direct user feedback. Here are seven respected forums, which are a great place to get answers and share knowledgeable experience with others. (United States)

Someone looking for credible information about bodybuilding, strength training, or strongman topics, should begin by searching a forum maintained by the business ranked number one in the world. has more than seven million members worldwide. Members can search millions of engaging threads and posts. is an excellent forum for fitness-minded people looking to discuss their passion. (United States)

This forum has a more diverse focus than others do on this list. doesn’t concentrate on any specific sport. However, the information discussed and advice provided are extremely credible.

There are a number of members who can speak with authority about an assortment of training objectives. Bodybuilders can find a wealth of information about diet, nutrition and lifestyle related subjects they can incorporate in their training regimen.

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This is dedicated to bodybuilders and strongmen in the United Kingdom. The forum has roughly 80,000 members that have produced over 4 million posts. Thread address various subjects related to training techniques, injuries and motivational techniques.

The forum breaks down topics into convenient sections on the homepage. Even though the forum is primarily for individuals within the United Kingdom, anyone in the world can access the site and engage in free discussions. (United Kingdom)

The forum is uniquely titled “The Knowledge Behind the Power”. The forum has an active membership more than 50,000 strong. Currently there are 334 thousand open topics of discussion.

The discussion board is set up differently than many forum structures. Members can view a list of the latest, most relevant posts, or scan an adjoining section that shows all the active posts. There is an excellent section center of the homepage, dedicated to nutrition and supplements. (United States)

This website promotes the purpose of inspiring, educating and motivating. Members can follow on all the major social media platforms. There are nearly 80,000 members, who have created over 70,000 threads generating nearly a million posts. is an LLC operating out of Columbia, South Carolina. They provide members with a direct phone contact to answer questions. It is free to register, and members can have their birthdays posted. The forum has a friendly, family-like appeal. (United States) has a complete section dedicated to the use of anabolic steroids and other vital strength training supplements. The wealth of authoritative knowledge goes back more than two decades. Membership numbers are building towards nearly a half a million.

There are close to 10 million posts discussing a wide array of bodybuilding and strength training content. Females will be pleased to know there is a specific section where they can share and discuss specific topics related to the issues women have. (United Kingdom)

As the name of this forum indicates, aligns itself with content that dials in on subjects important to power lifters and Britain’s strongmen. Posted are neatly ordered on the homepage in an article style format.

Each thread opens in a separate window to read comments and indulge in the discussion. Members can use the mobile option to take the forum with them anywhere. Nearly 50,000 current members have posted close to 20,000 threads. There are roughly a million posts for members to read.

These are seven excellent forums for bodybuilders, strongmen and fitness enthusiasts to share useful information about their sport. Each has one unique area of focus that makes it slightly different from the rest.

Collectively, they have millions of active members who post questions and expert answers on a daily basis. Anyone looking for credible information will benefit from becoming a free contributor. They are available to anyone, anywhere, so it is practical to join all seven.

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