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Hundreds of different anabolic androgenic steroids are available today. Within all of the forms of steroids, there are also numerous variations. Steroid Usage - oral or injectableConsumers can choose from injectable steroids, liquid oral steroids, oral tablets, creams and patches. Still, injectable steroids continue to outsell all of the other options.
There is no doubt that oral steroids offer convenience, but bodybuilders who go with injectables will get more results for their money and time. Of course, all forms of steroids can be valuable depending on context. Whereas creams and patches are most often intended for hormone replacement, oral and injectable steroids are generally used for enhancing performance.


Comparing Oral and Injectable Steroids

It is common for bodybuilders taking oral steroids to use injectables at the same time. However, injectable steroids are frequently superior when safety and results are considered. Some steroids, such as Primobolan and Winstrol, are available in both oral and injectable forms.
In these cases, the injectable version is easily better. Testosterone is similar to other steroids in that its injectable form will provide better results compared to its oral version. In fact, the potency of injectable testosterone is so far above what oral offers that few people even consider using the latter option today.

Underground Versus Human Grade Steroids

Anyone considering anabolic steroids should opt for human grade products whenever possible, and this is particularly true with injectables. The effectiveness of human grade injectable steroids is likely to be superior, but greater safety and purity are particularly associated with human grade products.

Before injecting any product, users should be certain that it is absolutely sterile. Failing to verify the cleanliness of the product can have devastating effects on the body. In fact, infection associated with steroid use is often the result of underground products. Some users may actually experience painful injections and even develop abscesses. In virtually every case, these issues are related to unsanitary products.

Legal Ways to Buy Steroids

Now that the potency and safety of injectable steroids has been established, one must examine the legality of buying such products. In the wake of the Steroid Control Acts passed in 1990 and 2004, consumers have generally assumed that anabolic androgenic steroids are simply illegal.

The truth is that U.S. consumers cannot legally obtain injectable steroids without a valid prescription from a physician. Advertisements regularly remind consumers of “low T,” or low testosterone levels, and testosterone is the only treatment for the condition. The hormone may be prescribed in the form of injectables, creams, patches, pills or, increasingly, an implant called Testopel.

Even with all of these forms of testosterone available, injectables are still the most frequently used option. The same is true of virtually all other anabolic androgenic steroids on the market.

What to Remember About Buying Injectable Steroids

For most consumers, injectable steroids will be their choice over oral or other forms. This is particularly true for use during cycles. Even among those familiar with steroids, injectables are often viewed with fear as these products require regular injections.

However, the process of injecting steroids is actually quite safe and painless when performed properly. After experiencing the simplicity of the procedure for themselves, many people cannot imagine why they were ever afraid of injectables in the first place.

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