Preventing Injuries During Bodybuilding Workouts

One of the most important aspects of exercise is preventing injury. It will do a person no good if they are lean and strong but are injured all the time. There are many things that anyone can do in order to
How to prevent bodybuilding related injuries?
How to prevent bodybuilding related injuries?
prevent injuries while conducting bodybuilding exercises.
At the end of the day, the preventive maintenance on the body is crucial to long term success with fitness.
Warm Up Before Starting to Exercise

Perhaps the most important action to take in order to prevent bodybuilding injuries is to warm up before starting to exercise. There are many different types of warm ups that people can do to engage the muscles in a light warm up. A person should look to have a some what elevated heart rate and to engage the muscles slightly that they plan on working out that day.

For example, if a person plans on working out shoulders, concentrate on doing low intensity cardio work that involves the arms and shoulders.


Never Lift More Than Your Body is Capable Of

Another mistake that beginners in bodybuilding make is to life more than the body is capable of. For long term success in fitness, it is important that people learn how to read the signals that their body sends out. It is crucial that when working out people push themselves.

Never lift more than you're capable of
Never lift more than you’re capable of

However, there is a line that should not be crossed when doing this. If anyone workout results in injury, that is a good sign that the proper precautions were not taken and the routine should be adjusted for next time.


Never Believe The Saying No Pain No Gain

Many people grew up hearing the phrase “No Pain, No Gain.” However, in bodybuilding this is not a good phrase to follow and can often times result in serious injury. There are times when a lifter should push themselves and there are time when a lifter should allow themselves to rest.

Just searching out pain in order to try and push through it is a recipe for developing long term injuries all over the body.

Never sacrifice short term gains in order to hurt yourself over the long term.


Invest In A Personal Trainer

One of the best ways for anyone to help prevent injuries while doing a lot of workouts is to get a personal trainer. A personal trainer is someone that should be an expert in the field and can let a lifter know when he or she is not conducting a lift properly.

There are several big advantages to having a person trainer while working a program, and one of the biggest is in injury prevention. There are many ways in which a good person trainer will help a lifter warm up and conduct proper exercise towards their goals.


Always Use Correct Form When Working Out

Another way in which lifters tend to hurt themselves is not using the correct form. When learning how to lift in the beginning, many people try and lift as much weight as they possibly can. However, these people would be better over the long term to learn how to properly lift and then increase the weight as they get more comfortable.

Use the correct form when working out
Use the correct form when working out

Many people have hurt themselves by using incorrect form on extremely heavy weights or for a lot of repetitions with a small amount of weight.

Using correct form will not only result in a much more efficient work out, but it will also help to prevent fatigue and injury over the long term.


Recovery Is Time Well Spent

Another mistake that many people make when doing a lifting or bodybuilding program is to not give their body enough time to rest and recover. The rest and recovery phase of working out is one in which the muscles are actually rebuilt.

There are essentially three phases of building muscle, working out, eating, and sleep.

For injury prevention, rest and recovery is the most important aspect to staying injury free. Many people also see a huge increase in their energy levels when they start to sleep more and this can also lead to better health over the long term.


Never Rush When Starting A New Exercise

Implementing new exercises in to a workout is essential if you do not want your body to get used to the workouts. However, whenever adding a new type of exercise to your routine it is important to take it slow for the first couple of times.

It is much more important to take an exercise slow than it is to rush through it and injure yourself.


Symmetrical Training Is Good Training

Finally, one of the best ways to prevent injuries while working out is to focus on symmetrical training. This means working out each side of your body the same as the other. This can help with both mobility and balance, and can also help to prevent injuries over the long term.

Many people have a side of their body that is stronger, but in reality a good bodybuilder should be perfectly symmetrical in every muscle group.

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