My Complete 2022 TestoPrime review

What’s Low testosterone – what can I do about it?

I won’t bore you too much about effects of low testosterone – it’s probably why you’re reading this review. It could be that you lack energy for your everyday activities or you feel fatigued and don’t exactly know what the reason is.

Some guys also experience loss of strength, increased belly fat because of the decreased metabolism, less control on food consumption (overeating) and greatly reduced sex drive.

There are many reasons why this could happen, but if you’re over 35, there’s a good chance it’s the dreaded “low testosterone syndrome”.

But there are remedies to counter all of these nasty sides. You could go to your doctor and ask for a TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), but those could get costly if not cowered by health insurance and they come with some side effects.

Plus if you get off TRT, there can be some consequences for your hormone system.

But there’s a better and safer way (and probably cheaper) – you can try a natural testosterone booster. It carries all the benefits of a TRT without some nasty side effects. And TestoPrime is one of those boosters – let’s find out if it can keep its promises.

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Quick summary of what TestoPrime is

TestoPrime is a fully natural testosterone boosting supplement in form of pills (capsules).

The product has been developed in USA laboratories and it has only top quality, science backed ingredients, carefully selected to give your body the natural boost of testosterone.

Top 4 Benefits of TestoPrime

How does TestoPrime help you? What good does it do to your body, well being and what results can you expect?

– Huge Strength Boost

Ever experience the loss of power or strength? Could it be in the gym or doing everyday tasks.

With TestoPrime you will regain all the strength back and improve it even more. This supplement can speed up the blood flow to your muscles, making them work harder and faster plus grow them quicker with less recovery needed. You will feel 10 or 15 years younger in no time.

– Energy increase as well as your stamina

If you feel that you need your morning coffee just to barely function and are lazy and unmotivated the whole day – here’s how TestoPrime can help.

The special mix of ingredients will help you defy feeling tired or fatigued, you will have more energy, more life force if I can call it that. You’ll be more interested in doing stuff you loved when you were younger and will regain the confidence you once had.

– Muscle mass gain + fat loss

Because low testosterone can slow down metabolism you might experience fatty tissue on unwanted parts (like belly or under your chin or even your butt) and your muscles get saggy and less defined. TestoPrime can supercharge your metabolism again, making you grow muscles faster, burn fat quicker and keep your weight in check.

– Less stress in your everyday life

Stress can have a very negative impact on your life and health. Cortisol, a stress hormone is the main cause of this. But with ingredients such Ashwagndha in TestoPrime, you can reduce your cortisol levels by up to 35%, which makes you more calm, more relaxed and improves your mood.

What’s inside the pills – list of ingredients

Now let’s check the stuff that makes this magic happen – the ingredients of TestoPrime.

A carefully selected mix of 12 ingredients, each with its own function combined in a special formulation.

D-Aspartic Acid (2000 mg)

This is a very effective amino acid, that acts as a testosterone booster. It affects our pituitary gland which then releases a so called luteinizing hormone. The increased blood flow than moves this hormone to our testicles, which triggers the creation of more testosterone. [1]

Panax Ginseng – 8000mg

Panax is basically a root, that’s been used for centuries in Asian countries for all sorts of issues. It has anti-oxidative capabilities. It increases your energy levels drastically, elevate your mood and boosts your sex drive. As a bonus – you won’t feel so fatigued anymore. [2]

Ashwagandha Extract (668mg Of KSM 66®)

An interesting part of TestoPrime is KSM 66, or Ashwagandha. It’s proven to relieve stress and anxiety, while improving your brain functions and enhances your ability to concentrate. As I wrote above, it basically can reduce the amount of the unwanted stress hormone cortisol. [3]

Pomegranate extract (360 mg)

That’s a very popular herb that is used for improving a libido of a man while also increasing the testosterone production. It improves the blood flow in your body which has an effect on muscles, energy, sex drive and motivation. [4]

Fenugreek (800 mg)

This extraordinary herb is widely known to reduce cholesterol levels and decrease inflammation in our bodies. According to some studies, It can also contribute to increased production of testosterone. This ingredient also increases our metabolism which helps you weight faster. [5]

There are many other ingredients also helpful with testosterone production, improving energy, mood and metabolism. Vitamin D4, B5 and B6, Zinc, Black Pepper, Garlic Extract and Green Tea Extract all help each in it’s own way.


How about every day people before/after pics (TestoPrime Results)

It’s hard to find real people with real results who used testosterone boosters. Some might be ashamed to admit to low test, or just don’t want to expose themselves. But luckily, there are some who don’t mind.

There’s Jim from Texas, a 55 year old gentleman who suffered from low T and chronic pain. Before TestoPrime, he was overweight, couldn’t do any exercise and lacked energy.

Now he’s back to golfing and racquetball, working out and having fun and all this without pain. He also lost about 8 lbs so far and gained some muscles

Borislav, 42 was suffering from low energy. After trying out TestoPrime for a few weeks, he’s back on track with his workouts, also has more energy and recovers quicker.

There’s also Mathew from Buckinghamshire, who was suffering from non existant sex drive and was overweight. All that after he hit the 40 year mark. After trying TestoPrime, he lost half a stone (about 7 pounds) and his love live is better than ever.

He was even featured in the DailyMail.

If you tried TestoPrime yourself, you could leave a review down in the comment secton – good or bad, doesn’t matter.


My 3 months experience with TestoPrime

I couldn’t judge a testo booster if I didn’t try it myself. I had to see what the fuzz was behind TestoPrime and ordered the “2 + 1 Free package”. I wanted to test it thoroughly, not just a few weeks.

I am kind of on the low side of Testosterone (had a checkup before trying out TestoPrime), so it’s probably recommended for me to try it out.

The first two weeks there wasn’t any real change. Maybe I was a bit more energetic and had a better sleep.

In the week 3, I started noticing that I had more will to do chores around my house – like I had this urge to exercise.

On week 6, I’ve noticed I gained a bit muscle on my arms and lost some belly fat. I did body weight exercises over the last month, so that could be the reason too.

Around the two month mark, I noticed the real changes – better mood around, more energy, muscles started showing allover the body, I was more outgoing and friendly and chilled if I can say so.

After 3 months, I’ve gained about 3 – 5 lbs of muscle, lost 8 pounds of weight and my bodyfat decreased to about 12% (from 17%).

I can certainly say – TestoPrime does have a positive effect on my testosterone levels and I am an improved version of me after just 3 months of using it.


Final words – should you try TestoPrime?

In my personal opinion, there’s no doubt this supplement is a great alternative to expensive and somewhat dangerous TRT therapies.

Many online reviews confirm my own experience with it. Lot’s of before after pics, instagram posts, facebook, tik tok and twitter.

It’s a very solid testosterone booster, backed by science with many benefits for people suffering of low T.

The ingredients are just the right amount for best possible results (some other testo boosters lack the right ingredients or are under-dosed)

So my conclusion is that TestoPrime is a worthy candidate for improving your Testosterone levels and is one of the top 3 boosters I tested over the past 12 years.


FAQ – what more should you know about TestoPrime

1. Are there clinical studies for TestoPrime ingredients?

There are many clinical studies for each of the TestoPrime ingredient. These are official studies published and reviewed on pubmed website. I’ve listed all the links to clinical studies at the end of this review.

2. How to take it? Dosage instructions.

I’ve checked the official website, and the dosage instructions are as follows: You should take 4 capsules in the morning, before your breakfast.

You can even start to feel the effects of TestoPrime right away. It’s formulated so, that it doesn’t upset the stomach (or digestion)

3. How long does it take for TestoPrime to work

As with all supplements, it takes some time for the effects to show completely.

Of course it varies from person to person, but generally you should see the best results in about 2 to 3 months.

Luckily, there are great offers (like buy 2 and get 1 free) if you order the 3 months or even the 6 months-package.

4. Do I need a prescription for TestoPrime?

Since TestoPrime is a 100% natural supplement, there is no prescription needed.

5. How to cycle this supplement?

TestoPrime is no steroid, so you don’t have to do a cycle or have those in the bodybuilding communities popular post cycle therapies. Just take it before breakfast every day and you’re good to go.

6. What’s the best place to get TestoPrime?

Well if you’re looking at your local GNC, Costco or Walmart, you won’t have any luck finding it there.

I’ve searched for it on Amazon and Ebay or even Walgreens and couldn’t find any.

And even if you would find TestoPrime on these online shops, there’s no guarantee that it’s a 100% genuine product.

There’s also no sign of this testo booster in any of the local pharmacies I visited.

For the Australian folks – there’s no TestoPrime available in Chemist Warehouse unfortunately.

I would wholeheartedly recommend you visit their official website The prices there are affordable, with big savings when ordering larger packages.

There’s also free shipping included with every purchase, plus a LIFE TIME money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product.

The pricing starts at about 60$ usd for a bottle and goes to 180 for 6 bottles, which brings the price down to only 30 bucks a bottle.



Links and references of clinical studies





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