Muscle Building Exercises That Are Uncommon

There are many different common exercises that bodybuilders use in order to build muscle and lose fat.
Uncommon Bodybuilding Exercises can improve your
Uncommon Bodybuilding Exercises can improve effectiveness of workouts
However, there are also a couple of uncommon bodybuilding exercises that can go a long way in helping you reach your goals. Any quality exercise should have several things in common.
Not only should it be effective, but the exercise also needs to be fun to do as well. No one wants to integrate a new exercise into their routine if it does not have some level of enjoyment.
Adding new layers to a workout routine has several benefits. Not only can it help increase focus, but it can also increase the effectiveness of the workouts in general.
Over time, the body can get used to the same workout routine performed on a regular pattern. By learning uncommon exercises, the body can be in a constant state of growth and learning. Here are several different uncommon bodybuilding exercises and how they can help bodybuilders get the results desired.
The hamstrings are traditionally one of the most difficult muscle groups to work out. There are many different types of exercise equipment designed to target this area. However, for this exercise a dumbbell can be used.

A swing is when a large weight is placed between the legs of a lifter and pushed out in front of the body. As the weight comes back, it is pushed back behind the body. This is a great way to target the hamstrings in a way that is both effective and fun.
It is important to keep good form while performing this exercise. The lifter should feel the pain in the hamstring area of his or her body. If pain is felt in the lower back, the exercise is not being performed properly. As a person gets used to this exercise, heavier weights can be used to challenge the muscle group. Always make sure to stretch before and after this exercise as this can put a lot of strain on your hamstrings.
Yoke Walks
Another uncommon exercise that few people use is called a yoke walk. A yoke is a piece of equipment that is placed around the neck. On this piece of equipment, weight can be added to make the exercise more difficult.

This exercise is designed to work out the legs. However, it can be tweaked to work the calf muscles as well. For many lifters, the calf muscles are very difficult to work out to exhaustion.
By placing several hundred pounds on the yoke, a lifter can easily workout their calves by walking on an incline. This exercise also forces the core to be used for balance. There are few exercises that can wear down a body in such a short period of time. Always make sure to put a safe amount of weight on the yoke when conducting this exercise.
It is very rare to see someone sprinting in a gym. Most of the time, a person is either lifting weights or running at a slight job. There are many different studies that show sprinting has a variety of different health benefits for a person.
Short Sprints
Not only can it help reduce fat and build muscle, but sprinting has been shown as a great way to increase mental clarity. Sprinting is a great way to work out the entire body in one setting.
Anyone who has been wanting to add a little extra fun to their bodybuilding routine should consider sprinting every now and then. This is an especially effective exercise for those lifters who are on a cutting diet. In conjunction with lifting weights, sprinting is a great way to keep the cardiovascular ability of the body at a high level. Start incorporating a sprint workout at least once a week for best results.
Cuban Press
Many bodybuilders enjoy working out the shoulders and arms because they look great in the mirror. However, there are certain parts of the shoulder that do not receive enough work.

There are different muscles on the back of the shoulder group that are often left neglected by the typical shoulder workout. Anyone who is looking to increase the work in their shoulder region should incorporate the Cuban press.
There are many different variations of this exercise. For the most part, this exercise involves rotating weight around the shoulder in a way that works all of the exercises in this muscle group.
This can not only increase the shape of the muscles, but this exercise can also increase how effective the muscles are in other lifts.
Many people see quick results after implementing this in their workout routine because it is an area they do not work out frequently. This is a great exercise for anyone who is looking to add something uncommon to their workout.

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