Important Information about Buying Winstrol

For athletes and professional bodybuilders looking for outstanding performance enhancement, Winstrol is a quality choice. Officially known as Stanazolol, Winstrol is renowned as one of the most popular Winstrolanabolic steroids of all time. Whether used by the average gym rat or meticulously consumed by high-level physique competitors, Winstrol provides outstanding results for both male and female athletes.

Because of its wide-ranging effects, Winstrol is able to offer something for just about everyone.

Many consumers learned about Winstrol by discovering that professional athletes consume the steroid. Due to some unfortunate perceptions of steroids, Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson was sanctioned at the 1988 Summer Olympics when he tested positive for Winstrol. Despite the negative publicity, the news coverage of the controversy brought the issue of steroids to a global audience, with Winstrol the prime focus.



Two Ways to Consume Winstrol

Currently, Winstrol is sold in two different forms: either a small tablet that is taken orally, or else an injectable water-based solution. Both

Oral Wistrol
Oral Wistrol

forms of the steroid have the same hormone, and are designed to perform in the same manner. Both forms are scientifically designated as C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa). The difference between the two forms is that the oral tablets have a shorter half-life, providing results for just nine hours. Generally, the injectable solution form offers users results for longer, often lasting a complete 24 hours.

Liquid WinstrolStrictly speaking, the Winstrol sold in the injectable solution version is slightly more potent, but that is due to the manufacturing process and the difference is inconsequential. Winstrol is one of the rare class of C17-aa group injectable steroids, and so some consumers prefer to just drink the solution. For users who prefer to consume tablets, Winstrol is sold in both a 10mg and 50mg variety. The average female daily dose is 10mg and the average male dose is 50mg. The injectable or orally consumable solution is rated at a dose strength of 50 mg/ml, although some off-brand labs will boost that ratio.


Knowing the Right Time to Buy

Experts agree that the best time to use Winstrol is during a cutting cycle or when an athlete is seeking to enhance their performance past a plateau. Unfortunately, Winstrol is virtually ineffective for off-season bulking, and is not recommended for increasing overall mass. Some

Winstrol - great for cutting
Winstrol – great for cutting

professionals will use Winstrol strictly as a supplement in order to gain speed and strength, but it is not recommended that Winstrol be used without other buffering supplements.

Winstrol is recommended for use as part of a physique professional or ambitious gym rat’s cutting cycle. Used correctly, Winstrol can deliver fantastic results, and millions of customers seeking to improve their physique use this steroid for all of their cutting needs.

Another benefit of Winstrol is its ability to preserve lean tissue in the body during periods of dieting. Experienced users know that when caloric intake levels drop below maintenance levels, lean tissue can be lost. Combined with Winstrol’s capability to boost strength, it makes a welcome diet aid as it can also preserve strength that is often lost during periods of caloric restrictions.

Of course, all dieters will suffer some strength loss, but Winstrol can help to minimize those losses. Other consumers use Winstrol as a physique enhancer, as it can help highlight solid vascularity, making competitors appear dryer and harder.


How to Stack with Winstrol

Consumers of Winstrol will appreciate how well it stacks with other steroids. Male weightlifters and athletes are highly recommended to stack Winstrol with a form of testosterone, as this vital hormone is well-tolerated and helps reduce testosterone suppression that is common with the use of anabolic steroids.

As most male users will consume Winstrol during the cutting cycle, stacks of testosterone, Trenbolone and Winstrol can be extremely effective, while other similar steroids such as Anavar, Equipoise and Masteron are good choices as well.

For female sports professionals and lifters, Winrol may be the only steroid that they need. That being said, we recommend that if a woman is using only one steroid, they should start with Anavar. For female athletes looking for a little more for their performance enhancements, certain stacks can be used by forming powerful combinations of Anavar, Nolvadex, HGH, Winstrol, and Primobolon Depot.


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