I tried buying Anvarol in the UK – here’s what I found out #leanmuscles

So I guess you came visiting this page, because you were looking for Anvarol and wanted to know how to buy it in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). I’ve made some research on this stuff and what i found out may surprise you.

I tried buying Anvarol in the UK – here’s what I found out and what you should watch for..

You might know that anvarol is a natural steroid alternative to Anavar, which is used primarily for shredding unwanted fat while keeping the muscles “in tact”. If you’ve done it before (I mean trying to lose unwanted fat), you know it’s hard to keep muscle mass if you’re doing cardio, like jogging, riding a bike, swimming etc.

By doing that you quickly lose the mass and if you’re overdo it you quickly starting to look like Chris Froome (no disrespect to him, he’s an amazing athlete). If super skinny is the way to go for you – no problem. I prefer to have some muscles. There’s even a word for what I’m trying to achieve – LEAN MUSCLE MASS 🙂


Anavar sides – a big “NO NO” for me

Now, if you’re brave and don’t mind the sides (like loss of libido, ball shrinkage, hairloss, liver damage, high blood pressure) you can try the steroid Anavar and preserve the muscle mass (from what I’ve heard Anavar was also given to aids patient to preserve muscles, but in low dosage like 10mg daily for a short period of time). To be honest – I don’t want to lose hair just to look like some model or a shredded guy from the gym. Just isn’t worth the risk. And losing my libido for a month or so is a “no no”.

And lot’s of guys (and gals of course too, since Anavar is the no. one steroid used by women bodybuilders) say that Anavar is very “mild”, but don’t be fooled by that. Anavar is taken in a form of a pill and it has to be processed by our liver so it will do damage to your body long term.

And if the sides are not scaring you – there’s also legal consequences if you’re supplying or exporting steroids. Ok, granted, possession of Anavar seems to be not illegal, buy buying them online IS illegal. It’s classified as “Class C controlled substance”. If I were you I would be really careful before buying this stuff online or even getting it from a “friend” at the gym. In best case scenario you might get something that doesn’t work at all (like sugar pills), in worse case you can get a pill that’s not Anavar and can damage you severely.

But enough of these “scare tactics”, I’m sure you’re aware of the dangers because you’re here to get Anvarol (which is 100% safe, legal to buy in the UK online).


What’s inside of Anvarol?? #ingredients

I might just do a quick rundown on Anvarol ingredients – I have the bottle in front of me so let’s look what’s inside. Soy protein isolate (450mg) is for building muscles as is whey protein concentrate (also 450mg per portion – 3 pills). Oh yeah so I won’t forget – you should take 3 pills per day 45 minutes after you workout. You take one pill per day when you don’t workout.

What’s inside of Anvarol Tablets – the special new formula revealed!

The other 3 ingredients like BCAA, Wild Yam Root and ATP are basically for making you into a fat burning machine. I’ve written a full review on Anvarol some time ago – you can check the complete review of the ingredients there.


Shopping for Anvarol – here’s a quick rundown..

Anyhow, when I was trying to get Anvarol, I first looked at some popular online stores like Ebay.co.uk and Amazon.co.uk. Guess what? I found that no one was offering them. No biggie, I guess. I even searched google for “uk online stores anvarol”, but couldn’t find any except for the official one.

Then I tried to find out if Anvarol is available at some local pharmacies or health stores. I went to check Boots UK – no luck. Gordon Chemist didn’t have Anvarol either, Co-op didn’t have it and Superdrug didn’t have it either. Lastly I went to Numark and the guy there just looked at me like I was an alien and said they don’t carry legal steroids.

Next stop I went to visit retailers. Marks & Spencers didn’t have any, GNC had some other natural steroid alternatives but not Anvarol. Tesco and ASDA didn’t carry Anvarol.

So the only place where you can get Anvarol is their “official site” Crazy Bulk. I mean that’s cool with me – I don’t mind purchasing it there. I found out that you can buy it pretty cheap too. A bottle which should last a month is £33. Comparing that for a month of Anavar (which can run you up to £ 100 or more) is pretty cheap.


How I got Anvarol at a super low price by doing this little trick..

But as I dig deeper into the ordering, I saw that if I get me two bottles, I get one free.  So I took my calculator and calculated that I can get 3 bottles for only £52.72 (that’s like 17 quid per bottle which is crazy cheap). Plus it gets me free shipping and a 30 day guarantee if I don’t like it.

So that’s it, that’s pretty much all I can say about Anvarol and getting it in the UK. Hope you guys are happy with this short report. Wish you happy shredding and cutting fat!

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