How to buy Dianabol in Australia? Is it legal or illegal to import this steroid in Australia?

Australia boasts about its athletes and Australia’s teams and athletes are ranked among the top in the world in almost all the major sports.


Don’t buy Dbal in Australia unless you read the whole article…

This is the reason that Australia comes hard on any doping drug that has the potential to artificially increase the performance of the athletes.

There are many government around the world that have strict controls to restrict the use of anabolic steroids like the Dianabol but the Australian government and its sporting authorities have the most strict and intense regulations to control the use of illicit steroids and bodies that keeps an eye on the import and manufacture of such steroids in the country.


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Dianabol in Australia – what is it and who’s using it?

Australia comes hard even on the celebrities when it comes to illegal drugs whether it is the prestigious actor Sylvester Stallone who was found with the human growth hormone in his luggage or the suburban football leagues that come under the random drug testing by the regulatory authorities.

So this is obviously a hard task to acquire the Dianabol in Australia and the consequences can be quite hard if you are caught with such a drug in your possession.

DianaBol Australia

Dianabol or Dbol is the brand of the popular anabolic steroid Methandrostenolone which was developed in 1960s. This was a derivative of testosterone hormone, A natural male sex hormone and it was specifically developed as a performance enhancing drug for the American atheltes taking part in the olympics to compete with the Russian athletes who were reportedly using testosterone to enhance their performance.

The steroid was however indicated for other treatments apart from just a performance enhancing drug.


How does this steroid Dianabol actually work?

Its mechanism of action is very simple. It increases the body’s ability to synthesize proteins that eventually helps the body to recover more rapidly from the workouts. This allows the person to undergo more frequent and harder workouts and thus to make faster gains.

This steroid is also helpful in retaining the water in the muscles that creates more muscle mass that is the reason you cannot rely only on Dbol without hard workout and proper diet.

Dianabol also posses some serious adverse effects on the body. The major adverse effect is the gynecomastia which is characterized by the development of breasts in the males. The side effects in females include the development of male secondary sex characteristics. It also result in mood swings in some users because it significantly increases the levels of testosterone in the body.

Other deleterious effects includes the liver problems, high HDL cholesterol levels in the blood and elevated blood pressure.


Ok but seriously? Should I buy Dianabol in Australia or not?

It is a prescription drug which means it cannot be sold without a valid prescription from a registered medical practitioner. Ciba was the initial company to sell the dianabol in Australia but failed to prove its legitimate medical use and this result in loss of the company’s rights to sell the drug.

The governments of UK, USA and Canada also removed the drug from their respective markets after considering its serious adverse effects.

The Australians in particular have come down hard against the use of any performance increasing drug and have taken serious actions against top footballers and weightlifters after they were found using the illicit drugs. They even go to the extent of violating the doctor-patient confidentiality to trace down the violators.

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