Forskolin as a fat burner and testosterone booster

Recently, many people have become curious about the weight loss benefits of supplementing with Forskolin. Is it an effective fat loss aid, and does it help to increase the amount of lean Forskolinmuscle mass that can be gained?
There has been some research to support that it may even increase the production of testosterone. As forskolin has gained popularity due to these alleged benefits, prices have increased and low-quality supplements have flooded the market.


What is Forskolin?

Forskolin is a whitish-yellow powder that is derived from the Indian coleus plant, Coleus forskohlii. It is a member of the diterpene family, and inhibits
Forskolin can boost testosterone levels helping you get more muscle mass
Forskolin can boost testosterone levels helping you get more muscle mass

platelet aggregation while increasing positive intropic muscle behavior. This combined effect means that Forskolin holds the potential to greatly reduce high blood pressure and other cardiovascular dysfunction.

Forskolin also increases the cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels in most cells and tissues. Since cAMP is a breakdown of ATP, the molecule responsible for all metabolic processes within the human body, its main function is that of an intracellular signal transducer.

cAMP is considered to be the secondary action in hormonal communication. By binding to specific protein kinases, cAMP modulates the effects of adrenaline and glucagen. Not unexpectedly, it also contributes to an increase in growth hormone release. It’s clear that forskolin, by means cAMP stimulation, may assist in modulation of the metabolic rate, blood sugar levels and improved muscle development.

This all sounds fine and dandy, especially for people seeking to lose weight and increase lean muscle mass. Unfortunately, cAMP stimulation has been shown to be related to the development of ADHD. Another frightening connection has been drawn between increased levels of cAMP and the growth of cancerous cells.

cAMP stimulation is not the only potential drawback of supplementing with forskolin. Other potentially harmful side-effects of forskolin include:

  • Increase in liver enzyme CYP2C -The possible increase in hepatic (liver) function can be dangerous for those taking medication for hypertension. By causing an increase in liver enzymes, forskolin has been shown to lessen the anti-coagulative effects of warfarin. Thus, if an individual is hoping to use forskolin to reduce blood pressure, they must first consult with a doctor.
  • Possibility of causing hepatic toxicity– Concentrated forms of forskolin can cause hepatic toxicity, which is chemically induced liver damage. The mechanism by which the liver eliminates waste is referred to as the liver enzyme cascade. Forskolin can disrupt this enzymatic function, potentially causing severe liver damage.


Forskolin for boosting testosterone levels

Although the aforementioned drawbacks to forskolin supplementation do sound intimidatingly harmful, there are a handful of benefits to using this substance.

  • A recent study exhibited beneficial changes in testosterone production for those taking forskolin. Increased testosterone levels translate into the gain of lean muscle mass, resulting in a more desirable body composition.
  • Through the increased production of testosterone, forskolin has been shown to have a positive effect on male fertility. Leydig cells, a group of cells found in the testicular tubes, are associated with proper sexual development and the viability of sperm. Forskolin stimulates the production of testosterone specifically within these cells, which may lead to a decrease in male sexual dysfunction.
  • Forskolin may be an effective topical treatment for the visible reduction of cellulite. An experimental cream, containing a variety of other chemicals, did exhibit a decrease in visible cellulite through skin tone enhancement. However, the results forskolin delivered in and of itself were not measured independently of the other ingredients.
  • Glaucoma is a condition marked by increased intraocular pressure. Forskolin, when administered in conjunction with various flavanoids and vitamins, appeared to reduce eye pressure in glaucoma patients.
  • In a somewhat peculiar finding, forskolin was evidenced to have possibly reduced leukemia cells under certain circumstances. No formal studies have been conducted to empirically prove this effect, as forskolin is thought to actually cause a proliferation of cancerous cells.


Weighing the Pros & Cons of Forskolin

The initial findings support the theory that forskolin may hold tremendous value as a fat-burning, hormone boosting and metabolism

Boost your testosterone levels and burn fat easier with Forskolin 250 - get it now
Boost your testosterone levels and burn fat easier with Forskolin 250 – get it now

enhancing supplement. However, it may also cause liver damage and/or stimulate cancerous cell growth.

Considering the possible biological harm that forskolin consumption can cause, consumers may want to proceed with caution.

Test the waters with an initially small dosage of the supplement. To take further precautions, it may be wise to have lab work done to check for adverse liver and immune responses, as well as any effect upon testosterone production.

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