Everything You Need To Know About The Dianabol Cycle

Dianabol, also referred to as Dbol, is the second steroid ever produced and thus, the Dianabol cycle is one of the oldest and best-known cycles of all time. Dianabol is one of very few
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steroids that is designed solely for promoting enhanced performance and it is also one of the fastest-acting and most powerful, anabolic steroids available.
Just a single Dianabol cycle can produce incredible gains within a very nominal amount of time.
In fact, many people experience 20 to 30 pounds of gains within just several weeks and thus, Dbol is frequently used to promote gains during off-season periods. This means that Dbol is best used for bulking. It is not uncommon for people to wonder when they should include Dianabol in their cycles, which steroids Dbol should be stacked with and how much Dbol should be used. Fortunately, you can find all of this information right here.


Using Dbol To Kick-Start A Cycle

People often supplement with Dbol at the beginning of their bulking cycles. This is backed by very basic yet effective idea: as slow-acting steroids build in the system, Dianabol will rapidly produce impressive gains and thus, it acts to kick-start the cycle.

Once the effects of the secondary steroids begin to make themselves apparent, a number of marked gains will have already been made.

With these new gains and the cycle still in play, the secondary steroids will continue enhancing the gains. The addition of good nutrition and diligent training will produce solid results. For athletes with the goal of performance enhancement and for those who are just getting started, kick-starting with Dianabol helps to define the cycle.


A sample Dianabol Cycle for Beginners

7400mg/wk 0.5mg/3x/wk
8400mg/wk 0.5mg/3x/wk
9400mg/wk 0.5mg/3x/wk
10400mg/wk 0.5mg/3x/wk
11400mg/wk 0.5mg/3x/wk
12400mg/wk 0.5mg/3x/wk






Busting Plateaus With Dbol

Although kick-starting a steroid program is an important and popular period of use, there is one supplementing method that remains highly underutilized and widely overlooked. When supplementing with anabolic steroids, people will invariably hit a wall, just as they will when they do not supplement with anabolic steroids. Once this wall or plateau is hit, something will have to change or progress will not be made.

Steroid Cycles

There are a number of changes that people can make and many things that can be done to overcome a challenging plateau, however, one of the most effective options is to supplement with Dianabol in mid-cycle.

Given the extraordinary efficacy of Dbol, this steroid can push you up and beyond a plateau by adding more power to a dying cycle. This is something that is usually only done by people who are running cycles that are exceptionally long.

Moreover, only experience steroid users are willing to do it. This is not something that beginners should do, but is instead, best reserved for those who have a better understanding of anabolic steroids and their effects. In order to implement a plateau-busting Dianabol cycle, it is first important for people to have a keen understanding of how their bodies react to this steroid and to any other hormones that they might be taking.


The Primary Factor

When starting a Dianabol cycle, there is one critical factor that must be understood. Although Dbol is among the most powerful anabolic steroids out there, this supplement is by no means magical. This means that it will not automatically produce tremendous gains. Strength will certainly increase, however, actual weight gain remains heavily dependent upon the type and amount of food that is consumed.


It is important to eat in accordance with personal goals and growth needs, otherwise the expected growth will not occur. If Dbol users eat to support growth while supplementing with Dbol, they will invariably gain more than they would by simply increasing food alone.

The concept isn’t a difficult one to understand, however, it is unfortunately, a concept that many simply don’t grasp. It is also important to understand that implementing a Dianabol cycle is not a license to gorge. With or without Dbol, excess food consumption will produce excess body weight. The rules of good nutrition remain the same, even when you are supplementing.


Doses And Cycles

The standard beginner dose for many men runs between 20 mg and 30 mg per day and in most cases, this is all the Dbol that is required. For performance enhancers who are more advanced, it is often possible to safely use up to 50 mg per day, however, it will be necessary to diligently watch blood pressure levels when supplementing at 50 mg in order to ensure good health.

Although there are some people who manage to run doses as high 100 mg daily, this type of extreme supplementing is not recommended. Doses this high are very dangerous given that they significantly increase the likelihood of adverse effects.


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