Dianabol User Success Stories

For those looking to create muscle mass, it’s important to know that Dianabol has long been one of the chief steroid recommendations of successful bodybuilders and other top-notch athletes. For those new to Dianabol, understanding how it functions and learning the best protocol for use is key to seeing maximum results from Dianabol.


Some people assume that just buying and taking Dianabol is sufficient to achieve success. This is absolutely untrue. To get great results, you need to research and understand how to responsibly and successfully implement this drug. Step one is to make sure you have the vigor and existing muscle mass to begin a cycle.


Dianabol Outcomes And Real User Results

Those who have successfully used Dianabol are generally pleased with their results. This drug works in two ways: it increases endurance and strength. This is because with Dianabol, the user’s body breaks down very little protein, even when exercising at peak intensity.

In addition, muscle mass gains occur quickly because the muscles can maintain long-term synthesis. Some users report gains in two to four weeks.

DianaBol - Before and After

Keep in mind, however, that nutrition plays a key role in determining results.

Higher calorie diets will result in greater muscle mass gains, while skimping on caloric intake will limit gains. In either case, striking increases in stamina and overall energy will occur, which means that users will have the energy necessary to burn off excess calories.

Taking in 5000 or more calories per day may seem overwhelming, but it’s an essential part of getting results. In addition, appropriate exercise throughout the Dianabol cycle is crucial to balance the excess calories, and to ensure that you’re using the drug in the safest possible way.


How exactly does Dianabol work?

The primary function of Dianabol is to quickly break down glycogen, increasing strength, and to enhance protein synthesis.

Research has shown that the drug’s estrogenic effects can cause men to develop feminine features. This can be avoided by concurrently taking estrogen blockers.

DianaBol Gains
DianaBol Gains in only 2 to 4 weeks

The chemical composition of Dianabol means that it is most effective when taken orally. Because it does not bind with the proteins that affect steroid molecules, this method is more effective than the same dose of testosterone.

Dianabol also improves stamina and performance by maintaining oxygen levels in red blood cells, while also reducing cell respiration and so assisting in the development of new muscle tissue.

Beginning an anabolic steroid regime means you must implement a high-calorie diet. With sufficient protein intake, most bodybuilders can expect to see gains of between 10 and 20 pounds of muscle after one month. Staying well hydrated is equally important. This, along with sufficient caloric intake, will prevent cramping during workouts while taking Dianabol


The Successful Dianabol Cycle

One user, a 26 year old man who weighed 240 pounds and stands 6’2”, started a cycle with 18 percent body fat. The six-week cycle started with 20mg daily of Dianabol in the first two weeks, then 30mg a day in the final four weeks. Throughout the cycle, he took in 4500 to 5000 calories each day, including about 300 grams of protein and 200 grams of good fat, as well as 64 ounces of water. Four days per week he worked out, focusing on lifting and moderate cardio.

DianaBol Before and After
DianaBol Before and After

The user reported seeing results sooner than he’d anticipated, saying he could feel his body changing after just two weeks with Dianabol. He also mentioned being fatigued after workouts in the first week, but by the second week his body had adjusted and he felt really good after working out. One side effect the user mentioned was the appearance of a bit of acne on his back.

DianaBol Results

In weeks three and four, he noted his muscles were more defined and significantly harder. He also indicated he’d lost some body fat. As a result, he increased his workouts by 30 minutes. By weeks five and six, he was feeling really good and the acne had disappeared. He also continued to lose body fat and increase definition, which encouraged him during workouts, as opposed to the first weeks, when he reported having to force himself to get through them.

D-Bal Before After

By the end of his initial Dianabol cycle, the user’s weight had gone from 240 to 207 pounds, and his body fat decreased from 18 to nine percent. These results are common for Dianabol users committed to implementing appropriate diet and exercise during their cycles.


Preparing for a Dianabol Cycle

To achieve optimal results with Dianabol, there are key steps that must be taken. The first is to begin with a low dose so you can observe how your body responds.

You must also implement a hardcore workout routine.

Hardcore weight lifting is crucial when doing an Dianabol Cycle
Hardcore weight lifting is crucial when doing an Dianabol Cycle

Maintaining focus on weightlifting and concentrating on significant muscle groups is important, as well as keeping the drive to stick to your routine without losing motivation.

The second core component of a successful cycle is nutrition. Taking in sufficient protein and overall calories ensures better results during a Dianabol cycle. The combination of protein and steroids improves recovery time and muscle gain, while also increasing stamina.

The effects of Dianabol should be visible within the first few weeks of a cycle. If not, consider slowly increasing the dosage. Some have suggested a three-week cycle, as opposed to six, but there’s a lot of debate surrounding cycle length. Thus, closely observing your body and keeping track of results is your responsibility. Only you have the power to be aware of indications that you could be experiencing side effects or an unfavorable reaction to the drug.

Dianabol Bulking Stack
When bulking, Dianabol should be used with other steroids – Check out our Bulking Stack review here

Lastly, the importance of maintaining your workout regimen along with a high-protein, high-calorie diet cannot be overstated. At this point, you may also consider beginning injectable steroids, such as Deca Durabolin. This seems like a complex process, but if you really want to build muscle or recover from an injury using steroids, then committing to the cycle and putting in the work is the only way.


Possible Adverse Results

Some of the side effects of Dianabol are associated with estrogen production. The most common is water retention, which can make some users feel they have gained muscle. This effect disappears upon ceasing steroid use. One way to prevent this is to use Dianabol at the beginning of a cycle in addition to testosterone. This combination will also speed muscle gains.

One serious warning: Taking too much, or for a long period causes serious liver damage.

That’s why working with short cycles is the best practice for avoiding side effects and long-term health damage. Implementing a safe, sensible Dianabol cycle and taking all the necessary precautions will lead to excellent results without compromising your health.


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