My [2018/2019] CLENBUTROL review – #shred_fat – I was SOO amazed when I found out that..

Imagine that – burning that unwanted fat QUICK but without those nasty sides you get from roids like the real Clen (Clenbuterol).

And you won’t have to hit the gym every f—ing day to see the results. Wouldn’t that be a dream come trough?

Please read on..

I tried Clenbutrol when I got sick of real clen side effects – here’s what I found out about Clenbutrol from CrazyBulk



So after some really long internet research I found a pill that can do just that. The name is similar . it’s called ClenBUTROL. (you see the missing »e«?)

This stuff is crazy good. It literally »destroys FAT« and you get some other huge benefits with it.

But wait just a little bit for the rundown on those benefits.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve tried the real Clen over the years and as you might know, this stuff works. Yeah, that’s the HONEST truth.

Clen really gives you crazy energy so you can hit the gym or go running longer and more intensive and this will destroy your fat reserves while keeping the muscle mass. I know, it sounds too good to be true.

CrazyBulk’s products are pretty popular on twitter, instagram and other social media

And it is (too good to be true). Unfortunately, the sides (side effects) are a pain in the a**.

There’s no running around it – you will get sides when using real Clenbutrol. From headaches, to the famous clen shakes, heart palpitations and other that are listed on the backside of the bottle. You will get them every time and that’s why this stuff is dangerous long term.

But what to do if you get side effects? You don’t take this stuff any more and start looking for natural alternatives. There are tens if not more of those you can find on the net, so it’s really in your best interest to find and pick those that REALLY work.

Guys getting shredded and lean on Clenbutrol

The most are called something like “ClenB, or ClenX, or Clen-D” but I didn’t get any luck with those (I mostly burned cash with them). The best legal steroid I could find was called ClenBUTROL.


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So what Is Clenbutrol? How does it work? Is it a steroid?

As I mention before, Clenbutrol is a legal clenbuterol alternative, but I might also add some more info about this. The real stuff, real clen raises your body temp and boosts your metabolism which forces your body to burn fat more efficiently. You also burn more calories and so won’t gain any fat so easy. It’s like being 18 again with the high metabolism and fast fat burning.


Also clenbuterol acts as a bronchodilator so you can breath easier (and your lungs work more efficiently, that’s why it’s used by many road cyclists). All these things make you »work out machine«. Last but not least, you won’t lose muscle mass, you will get lean. (clen is a bit anabolic)

I mentioned this before, but clenbutrol comes with horrific sides. Everyone gets time and the worst one is the shakes. Especially in your hands. You will have problems typing on your pc or mobile phone. Writing with a pen while on clen – impossible.

That’s why I’m so glad that companies like Crazy Bulk manufacture legal steroid alternatives that basically mimic the good stuff of steroids but the side effects are practically none. And one of these products is called ClenBUTROL. I’ll be talking about the benefits in the next chapter.


Top 5 Benefits when you’re using ClenBUTROL

So you know now that I’ve parted ways with the real Clenbutrol and started using the natural alternative. But why? What’s so special about that legal steroid?
My number one reason (or benefit if you like)


NO SIDES (side effects) EVER!

Damn, if I remember back in the days when I used real Clen I used to get the calf cramps and neck cramps all the time. And I was shaking like I would have a disease of some kind. My heart was racing all the time even when I slept.

None of this with Clenbutrol. I can do my workouts, I feel energetic and I have CRAZY amounts of power when lifting. I’m getting in better shape every day that goes by. My GF is happy and we »hook up« more frequently. She says she’s crazy bout my lean body and 6 pack.

I’m not so hungry any more

Diet is very important when working out – especially when you’re on a cutting cycle. You set your calorie limit, you prepare your meals so that they don’t exceed it and all works well. You workout you watch what you eat but then it’s 6 or 7PM and your stomach is making weird noises and you’re hungry like hell.

But what do you do? Do you grab a little snack, do you eat a regular meal or do you go to bed hungry. Most of the time I would eat a regular meal, exceeding my calories and would feel bad. But not with Clenbutrol.

With clenbutrol I don’t have these urges in the evening. I might eat and apple or drink a bit of juice and I’m good to go. The hunger doesn’t control you anymore. You control it!



You might have this problem – you workout for a few weeks or months, everything goes smooth. You start seeing some progress but then it all stops.
You don’t wanna go to the gym any more, you lack energy, you just wanna lie down and watch a movie. Not even capable to go out for a walk.
And these periods can last for days or even weeks.

How can you make progress if you’re too tired to workout? But not with clenbutrol. This stuff boosts your energy levels to the top and if you feel down from time to time you just pop a pill and within an hour you’re ready to go. No more watching movies – you want to workout and want to do it every day.

Gain muscle and KEEP those gains!

When doing cutting cycles the no. 1 problem is losing muscle mass and losing strength. It happens to all, even the best athletes. That’s why I love clenbutrol so much. I don’t lose strength even after weeks or months of training.

My muscles are lean and cut and the muscle mass stays the same. It’s like my body is in a anabolic state all the time while I lose fat too. through your cutting phase and find that by the end of it you’ve lost muscle and strength.

When you sleep – you STILL BURN FAT

So that’s one of a least known benefit of clenbutrol. Because it’s thermogenic it raises your body’s core temp. That means you get a slightly elevated heart rate, burn more calories and feel better.
But that doesn’t mean you burn fat only during the day. No no no .. You burn calories and shred fat even during bed time – in your sleep. You wake up refreshed and feeling good knowing that you slimmed down while resting. That stuff really melts fat.

A few more things I should mention about Clenbutrol…

Well all those top 5 benefits you read up there are good and all, but there’s even some more of the “good stuff”. Clenbutrol also improves your mental state – you’ll be more focused and more concentrated on your progress.
Plus the results will come faster. No more 6 months of “fasting”. Clenbutrol can do it in half of that or even in less time. And clenbutrol will help you feel better (healthier) while losing weight.


This is what I found out when trying ClenBUTROL (my experience first-hand)

So a few years ago I was determined to get shredded and while using the real stuff (clenbutrol) I got really bad side effects. I was at a dinner party and while we were eating I was trying to sip some wine but my hand was shaking so bad I dropped the whole glass.

The people there all looked at me like I was some kind of 90 year old grandpa with advanced Parkinsons. Really embarrassing story I tell you.

I think that was the time that I decided to quit this dangerous drug and start using the legal safe alternative Clenbutrol. I really did my research beforehand and many guys (girls too of course) were happy with it so why not give it a try.

I ordered the 2 + 1 free package and and paid like 99$. (free shipping too, guys!)


But wait wait .. am I boring you?? Here’s a quick photo what you could look like when taking clenbutrol……

Lean muscle mass! That’s what I’m talking about…


Anyway, let’s continue with my story..

The Clenbutrol arrived a few days later and I was totally stocked to start using it.

I think it was January or so and I gained quite a lot of fat in December and of course I wanted to get rid of it and get that sexy lean muscular look. I was at about 16% of body fat and wanted to get under 10%.

The first few days were nothing special. I took Clenbutrol as directed, 3 caps before working out. I must admit
I wasn’t feeling really good, didn’t have any energy and I hoped clen will supercharge my mood or at least give me a boost.

In about 40 or 45 minutes I was feeling totally changed. I was ready to hit the gym and pump the iron hard. I did some light cardio at the beginning and did my usual set of 3 for each muscle group.

It was a killer workout – I was pushing my limits and I couldn’t wait to test what my muscles were capable. I was sweating real hard too and I could feel how my body was working hard. Then I hit the showers and that was it.

The next few weeks I was doing great. I had the motivation and the strength to do the hard work in the gym and went trough my planned exercises.

Buy the day 40 I could really see the difference. I was getting lean and the 6 pack was starting to show. I stepped on the scale and lost an amazing 8 pounds of pure fat and my body fat was down to 9%. That’s supper lean like I could only do it on the real clen.

That was shocking. Seems like CrazyBulk really made a fantastic product for cutting and now I know what to take when I’m doing the cutting cycle. Clenbutrol is the way to go.


What’s inside Clenbutrol (Ingredients list) – this will shock you!!

Ok, it might not shock you but there are really some top ingredients in the bottle of Clenbutrol and the dosage is just about right to have a good impact on your body’s ability to burn fat fast.

A quick overview of the major ingredients:

– Garcinia Cambogia Extract 450mg per serving
– Citrus Aurantium 450mg per serving
– Guarana Extract 342mg per serving
– Niacin 21mg per serving

Let’s start with Garcinia Cambogia. This is a fruit which contains HCA, a powerful hydroxicitric acid which in some small studies confirmed that it promotes weight loss while keeping the muscle mass. It basically acts as an appetite suppressant so you won’t feel hungry at the end of the day.

If we go to the second major ingredients, the Citrus Aurantium I can tell you this stuff works in two ways. It reduces appetite but it also increases your BMR (basic metabolic rate), so you burn more calories while resting. And while doing that it also increases your energy.

Guarana Extract is an energy booster, similar to caffeine (but with twice the power!). It also reduces those nasty hunger cravings which all of us have, but not only that. Your metabolism will get crazy fast and you will also be more alert. And to top that, you will have more energy and wanting to hit the gym every day.

Now Niacin is one of my favorite. This stuff has so many benefits I can hardly list them all. The major one is it increases your HGH (growth hormone), which has an effect on your muscle growth plus it increases your strength for those hard gym days. It also enhances your vascularity, gives your more energy and averts Atherosclerosis.

Now in the next chapter, I’ll give you some pointers how to get the most out of Clenbutrol…


How to get the BEST RESULTS with Clenbutrol??

Clenbutrol can help you achieve your goals faster – that’s a fact. But if you’re eating like a pig nothing will help you. Even the real clen. So to get the best results you should really follow a good diet and a workout plan.

Here are two things you should do when on a cutting cycles to get that lean physique.


Get your calorie intake under control

First you should calculate your BMR. BMR means how many calories you consume daily. You can google for “BMR calculator” and choose one. They’re all basically the same. So let’s say you need 2500 kcal per day to keep your current weight.

If you’re in a hurry to lose fat, you should cut 300 – 400 kcal per day and no more. If you cut more calories, your body will “rebel” and put you in a “calorie preserve mode” which is the worst it can happen. You will shred fat slower and won’t have so much energy.

To count calories you can try a good android or iphone app like “bitesnap” (that’s my favourite)


Train hard but take breaks too

If you’re just going to cut calories without any workout you will lose your tone, you will feel bad and look bad. You need to workout regularly to get the best results from Clenbutrol. Don’t forget to stretch and warm-up before lifting weighs. It will prevent injuries.

But it’s also necessary to have those rest days. On rest days your body regenerates and muscles grow. Don’t miss on those. And remember – a 20 year old needs 3 days recovery, a 40 year old needs twice as much.


Clenbuterol FAQ – these are the top questions I get every day

Is Clenbutrol a steroid?
Fortunately – no. It’s a natural legal steroid alternative, that’s 100% safe, without sides and you can legally but it almost anywhere in the world trough the official website

Does Clenbutrol give me sides?
As I wrote above, clenbutrol doesn’t give you any sides. That’s a number one reason I’m using it and will use it again and again in my cutting cycles.

I stopped using Clenbutrol. Will I get fat again?
Well if you stop using it and start eating like a pig you most definitely will get “big” in a bad way. Always watch your diet and workout at least twice a week and you will maintain the lean physique you got with Clenbutrol. If you think you’re gaining weight, start popping the pills again.

How long will one bottle last?
One bottle will last 30 days (it contains 90 pills)

You can ask me more questions in the comment section below.

So what’s the verdict on Clenbutrol – should you buy it or not?

Well the answer is yes and no.


If you’re ready to handle your diet (watch what you eat and eat clean) and start exercising (at least 3 times per week) and you watch your calories, then the answer is definitely YES.


Clenbutrol will help you with your efforts, give you more energy, more strength and will keep you motivated trough the whole process.

But if you think you’ll just pop 3 pills a day, lay on the couch all the time and eat junk food every day, then Clenbutrol is not for you sorry.

Don’t miss this special offer – buy 2 and get 1 bottle FREE.

Gasper Novak

I train hard (lift weights + cardio) and try to eat right!

I enjoy reading about improving my physique and write about muscle building, shredding fat and supplements that give you that little edge over your competitors.

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