Can Unwanted Fat Melt Away with Help from HGH?

Anytime metabolism is increased, chemical wonders in the body’s endocrine system and nervous system begin to take place. According to recent tests by scientists, one product, TestosteroneHGH, can raise metabolism levels in adults, bringing on a positive reaction – weight loss.

Another significant factor in taking human growth hormone, is the ability to increase the amount of your bone density. Weak bone density is relevant in contracting osteoporosis and being susceptible to bone fractures. The higher your bone density, the stronger your bones and calcium level.

Another role that increased metabolism performs is helping muscles to become leaner and stronger. A survey conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990, used a group of 21 men to measure the effectiveness of gaining leaner muscle mass by taking HGH. 12 men were given the human growth hormone while 9 men were given a placebo. All 12 men that took the HGH were able to increase lean muscle mass, decrease their weight, and increase bone density. There was no change in the 9 men that took no HGH.


Why Does Fat Loss Happen when HGH is Introduced?

Remember when you were a child and the amount of energy that you had? Children have a high level of metabolism because they have a

HGH increases muscle mass,
HGH speeds up the metabolism, burns fat and increases lean muscle mass

naturally normal level of human growth hormone. This hormone is really an insulin-like growth factor, called IGF-1.

IGF-1 stops insulin from letting the glucose enter cells. Whenever you eat, the pancreas releases insulin that changes carbohydrates into glucose.

The glucose then travels into fat cells, where it remains until it is burned off. IGF-1 prohibits the glucose into entering these cells, forcing the glucose to burn off naturally through a high metabolism. Even when you are inactive, the fat is being used!








Proof through HGH Studies

HGH Research
Researchers performed a human test with HGH and published the amazing results in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism

Researchers performed a human test with HGH and published the amazing results in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. A mix of 59 obese men and women were given injections of 200 ug HGH, for one month.

Over the next 6 months, the amount was increased to 400 ug for men and 600 ug for women. 39 people completed the test. An average of 5 pounds per person was lost and the body fat did not return.

Even more exciting was the increased levels of good cholesterol that showed up. Improvements of 19% were noted among the group. The worry over contracting diabetes was never a factor as the glucose levels and insulin resistance did not change. HGH can be a motivation to increase your metabolism and burn fat naturally.

However, never think that more is better. There are serious side effects that can occur if HGH is not used according to instructions. Hypoglycemia, heart enlargement, abnormal hair growth, high blood pressure, and liver damage are a few of the problems that can occur when discipline is not used with an HGH treatment plan.


A natural HGH releaser – safer than HGH injections

For less chance of overdosing, use a natural HGH releaser instead of injections. These natural supplements help to control the amount of HGH released and keep you healthy. The way that this

Gh Advanced+ is a safe, natural HGH releaser - find out more here
Gh Advanced+ is a safe, natural HGH releaser – find out more in our full review here

occurs is by stimulation by the pituitary gland, coaxing the body to increase the amount of human growth hormone.

HGH is a selective way to melt away fat while keeping your body in shape and feeling great. Just think what you could do with more energy, stronger bones, and leaner muscle.

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