Can Canadians Legaly buy Dianabol?

Dianabol is a steroid manufactured using testosterone and is used for muscle building (huge muscle mass gains!). It is used as a tonic in both Canada and the United Kingdom.

It had severe side effects on its users, and this led to its discontinuation in the U.S and Canada.Dianabol Canada

It has since been used for various reasons but mostly for muscle building due to its fast results.



In Canada, Dianabol is used for body building. It is administered in form of pills or through injection. Injections are, however, preferred by most people because they give fast results, even though pills are commonly used.

Athletes and body builders are the typical users of Dianabol. It is proven to work best when combined with other steroids and hormones like testosterone.

Dianabol Pills

It is very effective for males. It can, however, be used together with simpler steroids like Deca and brings about bulking in females too. Dianabol builds and maintains high muscle mass level. It is used in cycles of 3-6 weeks.



Dianabol is chemically known as methandrostenolone. It weighs 300.442g/mol. It is made up of a unique mixture of chemicals that was devised by a group of biochemists from Germany. Dianabol is therefore not the official name of the steroid.

In Canada, Dianabol can be sold to a person with a prescription as an oral or injectable. The steroid builds muscles and is very potent. It also retains the muscles’ build over time.

Dianabol is known to work the same as Testosterone and Anadrol. The general public does not know the exact composition of this compound (Dianabol).

When used with another steroid, Dianabol is the steroid that retains muscle that has been built over time. This build is achieved by using a steroid that acts fast. When stacked, Dianabol gives best results in males, but it is however very potent for women to use.



In Canada and other countries, the legality of Dianabol has been a case of debate for many years. The rules for all anabolic steroids available in the market are very similar. Some steroids are considered as schedule IV drugs. Possessing a Schedule IV drug is punishable by a fine of $2000 or six months in jail.

Dianabol becomes a schedule IV drug when one possesses more than 200mg in the form of pills or injectable. This law is, however, exceptional when one has a prescription of more than 200md Dianabol from a licenced doctor.

It is legal in Canada to possess less than 200mg of Dianabol for personal use, but it is illegal to sell it. To buy Dianabol in Canada, one has to import it from Mexico, Australia or the U.S, which are known to be the biggest suppliers of steroids worldwide.



Canada has many rules governing the use of Dianabol, both for of pills or injectable. The Canadian Controlled Drugs and Substances Act covers most Anabolic steroids inclusive of Anadrol and Dianabol. Within the Act, a person can only possess 200mg or less of Dianabol.

In Canada Dianabol in the form of injection can only be owned by an individual who has a prescription from a licenced doctor, failure to which one is liable to a fine.

Dianabol in the form of pills or injectable will not go through Canadian customs. One is therefore left with the option of buying online or from a manufacturer. It is completely illegal to trade Dianabol in Canada. Both can only be purchased or possessed for personal use only.



It is legal to import 200mg or less Dianabol to Canada, but it cannot be bought directly in the country.

Buying something online has its challenges. The most important thing is knowledge of the existence of scams.

One is required to research the manufacturer they want to import from to ensure that they will get quality Dianabol, and also read reviews from a manufacturer’s site.

One should avoid sites that offer low rates, because chances of this being a 100% Dianabol is very slim, and one can end up buying some chemical composition that ends up ruining their health. Importing Dianabol online is the only option for people residing in Canada; it is, therefore, important to carry out thorough research before making the final decision.



In Canada, one can only buy Dianabol online. It is, therefore, imperative to get online stores that can be trusted so that one can achieve what they want in terms of bulking or cutting needs. Most customers talk about their positive results, the side effects that they experienced, and professional bodybuilders and doctors offer information; thus it is possible to get trusted brands.

In Canada, Dianabol is the best known fast muscle builder and retainer. When used together with other steroids, a proper diet as well as exercise, one can get the right results.

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