Best way (and best price) if you buy Testogen in New Zealand in 2021

You’ve probably did your research and know a lot about Testogen today – and are looking to buy it. But let me refresh your memory just a bit about this popular testosterone booster.

First – it’s essential to know why normal levels of testosterone are beneficial for a man. With higher age (especially after 40) , the testosterone levels start to shrink and we men see that in lower energy levels, reduce muscle mass (and the ability to get muscles at all). We just don’t feel like we used to in our younger years.

We also get irritated from time to time and our libidos starts to shrink too. We can’t perform in bed as we used to. That itself can cause bad mood or even depressions.

So it’s almost necessary to keep our testo-levels high or at least in the normal range (normal range is: 300 to 1,000 ng/dL)

Some options to improve your Testosterone levels

You have a few options to fight low testosterone levels – you can do nothing (not recommended), you can get your doctor to prescribe medication (TRT therapy) or you can get a natural testosterone booster like Testogen.

I for once am a proponent of the natural way – it might not increase testosterone so dramatically like a testo gel, but it won’t give you and sides either. I’ve done TRT in the past and it has it’s benefits but there’s also side effects that I couldn’t handle.

Testogen – a quick review

So basically what Testogen does is it helps you produce more testosterone. It does that with the help of some powerful ingredients like D-aspartic Acid, Fenugreek, Boron, Zinc or Magnesium.

These ingredients help by promoting testosterone production, help muscles function better, give you more libido and improve your mood.

But does this natural testo booster actually work? And when does Testogen “kick in”? I’ve seen many reviews with photos of regular guys using it.

From what I can tell (browsing trough instagram, twitter, facebook and official site), they seem legit and when you add the scientific studies of each of the ingredients you can be pretty sure this stuff works. It’s also in line with my experiences with it.

Oh and when does Testogen start to work? In my experience I’ve noticed improvement in my libido almost the next day. My mood got better in about two weeks. While my muscle mass and training intensity improve in about 2 months.

How to get Testogen in New Zealand (best prices and what to watch for)

Okay, now for the final chapter in this article – how to get legitimate Testogen in New Zealand and how to get it at the possible lowest price.

Let me first start on where to NOT get it. There’s now way you will get Testogen in a New Zealand Pharmacy like Unichem, Life Pharmacy or Amcal. I’ve tried calling them and asking about it and they didn’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

Next stop is online stores like Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Banggood and similar. I wouldn’t touch those stores because there’s a chance that your testo booster won’t be genuine. They also don’t offer free shipping or money back gurantees.

I went on a trip to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to check out if Testogen is available in stores like Health 2000, Go Healthy or Commonsense Kapiti. Not to my surprise – there’s noothing to be found in those cities.

I even visited Hamilton and Tauranga – nothing in their stores either.

I’ve found that the best and safest way to buy your bottle of Testogen is trough their official website.

They offer free shipping, credit card payments or paypal, lower prices per bottle if you buy 2 or 3 bottles and so on.

Plus you get money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with results. Can’t beat that.

There you have it – my quick guide on how to buy Testogen in NZ. Any other questions? Leave a comment below.

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