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Soon after Anadrol tablets were introduced in 1960, they emerged as the drug of choice on the bodybuilding scene. The drug was originally intended to help fight anemia-inducing and muscle-degenerating diseases.

Anadrol Tablets before and after

Oxymetholone, the active ingredient in Anadrol, raises your red blood cell count and increases your appetite, leading to weight gain. These factors make it a safe steroid option for bodybuilders. However, overuse of the tablets can have the opposite effect. You will lose your appetite which in turn makes it difficult to gain weight. To develop muscle mass, you have to eat.


The Potency of Anadrol 50 Tablets

Oxymetholone, derived from Dihydrotestosterone and sold as Anadrol,

Increase strength and build lean muscle mass with Anadroll
Increase strength and build lean muscle mass with Anadrole

is a 17aa steroid. 17aa steroids have been modified to be digestible. They pass through the liver to eventually enter the blood stream. Although it is among the best options for bodybuilding steroids, it can cause significant liver damage.

As a 17aa steroid, Anadrol, has a short half-life of only 8 and half hours. This means it works quickly and will use up most of its potency within the first 8 and half hours. So many bodybuilders choose to take two doses per day to maintain its effectiveness.


The Advantages of Anadrol Tabs

Anadrol is a powerful anabolic steroid. It is very effective in helping you to put on weight and gain muscle. Although bodybuilders frequently use Anadrol tablets while trying to reduce any fat gained during the bulking cycle, they use it exclusively to gain more muscle mass. It is considered a safe steroid choice for bodybuilders.

Anadrol is regarded as one of the best oral steroid options for bodybuilders due to its effectiveness and speed. You will get much stronger and may gain 20 to 30 pounds within just a few weeks (or possibly a little longer).

If you are including it in your stacking, you will also notice increased energy levels due to its androgen binding properties.


The Possible Side Effects of Anadrol

As mentioned previously, damage to the liver is the primary side effect of Anadrol. Fortunately, the liver is a self-healing organ. So, if you have a healthy liver from the start and use Anadrol correctly, your liver will naturally repair itself once you stop taking the tablets.

Another main side effect is increased estrogen levels. Aromatase Inhibitors have been shown to be effective in lowering estrogen levels among Anadrol users.

So many bodybuilders simply use an AI to counter this side effect. Increased estrogen levels can cause high blood pressure and water retention. They can also cause Gynecormastia, a condition causing one or both male breast tissues to swell. As there are countermeasures to these side effects, Anadrol is still regarded as a safe steroid option.


Using Anadrol during the Cutting Cycle

Most bodybuilders tend to use Anadrol for bulking up rather than cutting. However, for competitive bodybuilders, using it as a supplement a few Anadrol resultsweeks prior to a competition is an excellent way to boost muscle mass. The increased steroid activity can also improve your use of carbs.

However, it can cause water retention. If you maintain a good, healthy diet and feel you are likely to retain water, you have two choices: 1) skip this drug or 2) supplement it with an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI). If you use a reputable AI, you may find that you are less sensitive to the effects of Anadrol.


Daily Dosage of Anadrol for Best Results

Anadrol oral tablets usually come in 50mg. Most people take one or two tablets a day. Taking more than 2 tabs daily considerably increases your risk to adverse side effects without giving you any significant benefits.

 You should not take more than 2 tablets a day. Doing so will not improve your performance, but it will increase the risk of serious damage to your liver.


Suggestions for the Bulking Cycle

Bodybuilders usually find Anadrol most effective for short periods during the bulking cycle rather than the entire cycle. Although Anadrol is a safe steroid option for bodybuilders, think about using it only for 4 to 6 week of your entire cycle.


This will help lessen the drug’s potentially harmful effects on your liver. The best outcomes also occur during the start of this 4 to 6 week period. There are no additional benefits to using this drug for more than 6 weeks. Stacking Anadrol tablets with any kind of testosterone works very well.

For an incredible boost in strength, use Anadrol 50 with Deca-Durabolin.

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