Anvarol REVIEW – #cutting – Does it really WORK?? Can you get shredded? (2019 update!)

As I was searching for pills that could shred some fat around my belly and get those muscles “pop out”, I found lot’s of supplements (and steroids) on the net.

Anvarol – perfect for cutting cycles (=getting LEAN!) – but how does it compare to the real Anavar?


One of the steroids that’s REALLY popular for shredding those love handles is Anavar.

Please note that in the past, Anavar was considered the ideal choice for bodybuilders who wanted to boost their performance while also shedding some of that unwanted fat simultaneously.

You would probably also keep the muscle mass you had (or build some more). However, it came with a dangerous price (in form of side effects) because it was misused.


People looking for Anvarol reviews on forums, reddit, twitter and facebook


But in this review (or generally) I’m not interested in Anavar – I want to find GOOD natural alternatives that don’t give me sides.

In my review I will compare Anvarol with its steroid equivalent.

I will also talk about the pros and cons of the supplement, about the ingredients, testimonials, FAQ and where the best place to get it is.

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I tried to find out what Is Anvarol and if it really works

From the official website I found out that Anvarol was designed to do exactly (or at least mimic) the same thing as Anavar.

It helps to boost energy (we’ll find out how later), burn fat (that’s always a plus) and help avid gym rats and those regular guys and girls who visit the gym here and then to retain lean muscle mass (that’s always hard to achieve when losing weight).

However, Anvarol does not cause the unpleasant side effects that Anavar causes.


Anvarol burns fat all over the body especially on regions where’s it’s hard to burn it off (belly, arms, butt, etc)


Anavar is designed to help people improve their performance at the gym, which helps them get the best possible physique.

Anvarol attempts to replicate this by providing explosive power and strength and helping the user get rid of subcutaneous and visceral fat.


Wow, this guy on twitter had MAJOR success in shredding pounds – Two thumbs up mate!

Some of the claims made about Anvarol have been exaggerated in order to boost sales, but that’s nothing unusual with all these pills.

But I found out trough some extensive research that the science behind Anvarol proves that it can be very effective.


Not to be overly dramatic (or sounding like a doctor), but this product(Anvarol) helps stimulate a process called photocreatine synthesis, which helps stimulate ATP production.

This helps send a burst of energy to the muscles, which helps enhance contractions. It also helps improve strength and results.



Ok, so now we know how it works. But What Are other Benefits Of Using Anvarol And What Do Guys and Girls Using It Really Think? #testimonials

I found out by search for Anvarol testimonials that guys and gals are interested in the safety of Anvarol and the advantages that it has over Anavar.

One of the reasons many people are opting to use this product is because it is easy to access (as in buying it versus Anvarol thats illegal to obtain) and simple to administer, which basically means you can take it as a pill, twice a day.

Many reviews on forums, twitter and reddit and sale pages have the phrase “No needles“, and this has to be a major “turn on” for gym goers that are first time users.

There are many things about Anvarol that makes it stand out for Anavar.

Many people may start to wonder why someone would want to take Anavar in the first place. Anavar can cause serious damage to the liver. It can also suppress testosterone production.

Anvarol is also popular on instagram, where many people share their success stories

Anvarol does not cause any of those side effects. Furthermore, women who take Anavar may experience a deepening of the voice. This is not seen among female users who take Anvarol.


In a nutshell, here are some Anvarol Benefits:

+ it helps you cut that unwanted belly, butt or arm fat and get great looking muscles
+ it also boost your energy and mental levels
+ 100% natural, side effects free
+ no needles – just take a pill


Many retailers are quick to point out that Anvarol can be used by both men and women. They highlight the fact that this product is great for gym goers.

While the vast majority of the reviewers on the website are male, women have had great things to say about Anvarol also. Overall, the user feedback has been very positive.


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Sure there must be some disadvantages of taking anvarol? More #anvarol #testimonials with 2015 – 2019 photos!!

The vast majority of guys and gals have had nothing but good things to say about Anvarol. This product has consistently received a five star rating from them.

Anavar results

However, this supplement has received some lower ratings for speed and efficiency.

Sometimes you just have to work a bit longer to get the results. But that’s how it is in life for most things.


Anavar Results


And of course there are women also using Anvarol to shred that unwanted fat from their bellies and other regions of the body (like arms and the “behind”)

For example “Giovan”, an italian gurl went from 26% FAT to just 23% in a few months and her ABS look amazing.


Alright, it’s time to see inside of the beast! Anvarol ingredients.

As I mentioned before, Anvarol is much safer than Anavar because of the natural stuff in it. It’s pretty much sure you won’t get any side effects.

What’s inside of Anvarol Tablets – the special formula revealed!


Whey Protein Concentrate and Soy Protein Isolate

These are basically supplements that increase total protein intake. If you know anything about protein, it’s that it helps muscle grow. And you need that if you’re shedding fat, because you don’t wanna lose muscle.

Whey Protein also reduces the hormone cortisole, which is responsible for braking down muscles and soy protein boosts testosterone levels (that’s always welcomed!)


BCAA for muscle growth

BCAA are amino acids from Leucine, Isoleucine and VALINE. They speed up muscle growth, prevent fatigue and fasten the recovery.

And you know a fast recovery is any bodybulder’s or just fitness enthusiasts dream. Getting in the gym a day or two sooner and pumping iron like crazy – that’s life baby!


Wild Yam Root – a natural testosterone booster

Wild Yam Root is basically a natural testosterone booster and it prevents symptoms like weak bones, infertility and others that are associated with low test levels. It also boosts your sexual performance and increases energy levels. Two thumbs up from me!



ATP (energy booster!)

Anvarol also has a great ingredient called ATP (triphosphate), which is responsible for short but intensive bursts of energy for your muscles. If you’re lacking strength and can’t do the repetitions required, this thing will change it! You basically get more power for your workouts, you can push yourself harder and burn FAT faster. Sounds good? I bet it does!


Anvarol quick FAQ – all your questions answered


If someone is looking to gain a lot of muscle, will Anvarol help do that?

No. If the only goal is to bulk up and gain muscle, Anvarol isn’t the correct product to use.The product is ideal for people looking to burn fat without losing any current muscle mass. It can also help people get stronger and fitter while still staying lean.

Does Anvarol work for women, too?

Absolutely. Anvarol works for women.
It’s an ideal product for women looking to better their fitness without gaining a lot of muscle.

Will Anvarol show up on a drug test?

No. Anvarol should not ever show up on a drug test.

How long will it take to see the effects of Anvarol?

It can take a few days for Anvarol’s ingredients to build up in the body, but the wait will be worth it.
Most people start to feel the positive effects of Anvarol within 2-3 days.

How long will one bottle last?

A single bottle of Anvarol should last for 30 days.

Is it okay to drink alcohol while using Anvarol?

There are no adverse effects to drinking alcohol while using Anvarol.
However, if the goal is to lose weight, avoid drinking alcohol.

When do you use Anvarol?

The best time to take Anvarol is right after a daily workout.
We also saw positive effects when taking one before a workout and another after.

What are the side effects?

There aren’t any side effects. The point of Anvarol is to provide the same benefits as a product like Anavar, but without any nasty side effects.


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The final question – Do I need to take Anvarol or can I do it without?

From my in-depth research I found out that Anvarol gives you a better chance to get the results you would get with Anavar but without the risk of any unwanted sides like bitch tits, liver toxicity and low testosterone levels.

Guys have stated that Anvarol does exactly what it is designed to do. You also don’t have to use those nasty PCT (post cycle therapies) like you have when using Anavar.


Anvarol results

So I’d say, go for it. Try if for a month or two and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the results.


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I enjoy reading about improving my physique and write about muscle building, shredding fat and supplements that give you that little edge over your competitors.

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