Anavar and its legality in Today’s Ireland

In 1964, a synthetic version of dihydrotestosterone, called Oxandrolone, started being used in the United States.

The trademarked name for this drug became Anavar, and its original purpose was to help patients who struggled with weight loss caused by a variety of disorders.

It has other uses as well, some of which help treat HIV/AIDs or osteoporosis patients.

Unfortunately, bodybuilders abused Anavar, which caused a significant negative impact on the steroid’s reputation with the public. As a result, production stopped in 1989. Oxandrolone didn’t disappear completely, though.

Savient Pharmaceuticals started selling it again in 1995 after it had undergone many clinical trials. To further separate it from its previous iteration, the drug was rebranded as Oxandrin.

Anavar continues to be a widely-used today, and is one of the very few anabolic steroids where the side effects aren’t considered harmful to the people using it. This means people using Anavar to treat diseases or disorders can do so safely.


Are Steroids Legal in Ireland?

According to Ireland’s drug policy, anabolic steroids are considered illegal in every way. No one should use, sell, or have them in their possession.

The laws surrounding anabolic steroids aren’t enforced very often against consumers, however, so people aren’t often concerned about the consequences of purchasing Anavar or its equivalents.

Not every package sent through Ireland’s customs is screened. Instead, mail is randomly selected and searched. Should illegal steroids be found during one of these searches, it’s likely they would simply be destroyed instead of reaching their destination.

While anabolic steroids are still illegal, there has been a push for the Irish government to seek ways to minimize drug demand. One way to do this is by legalizing drugs, though it’s not sure if steroids are included in the drugs they may be considering.

Despite the possibility of decriminalization and lax enforcement when it comes to steroids, it is important to remember that they are still illegal. Which means there may be consequences to using or possessing them.


A Safe, Legal Alternative: Anvarol

If you don’t want to risk buying Anavar, then there is an alternative that is legal in Ireland. This drug is called Anvarol.

Anvarol (a legal Anavar alternative) mimics the effects of Anavar but without side effects – Find out more about Anvarol in our full review

By stimulating a person’s muscles, it’s able to assist in strength building and can provide an increase in energy. Not only that, but it can help men and women safely tone their bodies through the loss of fat.

Because Anvarol is safe to use and also considered a legal substance in Ireland, people don’t need to worry about taking a gamble with ordering Anavar or similar steroids only to have them never arrive.


Anvarol and Anavar: Which is better?

Products branded as alternatives tend to be put under a lot of scrutiny, especially when they’re advertised as being on-par with their original products.

After all, no one wants to spend their money on something that, in the end, doesn’t work as advertised. It doesn’t help that a lot of the time, off-brand items can be really hit or miss as far as quality goes. This doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in consumers.

So what about Anvarol and Anavar? When observed together, Anvarol does hold it’s own. Both burn fat and provides valuable endurance for a person’s muscles.

So for people living in a country where Anavar is considered an illegal steroid, Anvarol is the perfect alternative. Not only does it help body-builders with their workouts, but it can ease any worries someone might have about breaking the law.

Find out more about Anvarol in our full review


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