Anadrol 50 – How it works, dosage and side effects

Anadrol 50 is a strong synthetic steroid that has the notoriety of being one of the most potent oral anabolic steroids available.

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Anadrole – mimics Anadrol 50 without side effects – get it now

Also known as Oxymetholone, this specific type of steroid is known to produce muscle mass and enhance the strength level of athletes. The added strength and endurance are one of the central reasons athletes are drawn to Anadrol 50.

When prescribed by a physician, this steroid is used in the treatment of anemia, which is a condition that causes low red blood cell levels.



Anadrol 50 Description And How It Works

The physical effects of this anabolic steroid stem from the fact that it acts upon the body the way natural male testosterone does. Anadrol 50 stimulates the production of red blood cells in the blood, thereby increasing oxygen and blood flow to the body. When taken to increase muscle mass, its mechanism is to deliver a larger amount of blood flow and fluids into the muscle and around the joints.

Anadrol Before After

Athletes, particularly bodybuilders, find that Anadrol 50 helps in the overall duration of workouts and exercise. The blood volume to the muscles being exercised is noticeable both visually and physically. You can also read our Anadrol 50 legal alternative called Anadrole review here


Correct Dosage Of Anadrol 50

The indicated dosage of this anabolic steroid is typically 1-5 mg per pound of body weight daily.

While 5 mg per pound is the maximum dosage recommended by physicians, most individuals taking Anadrol 50 find that a 200 mg per day is a satisfactory dose.


What Are The Side Effects Of Using Anadrol 50?

Anadrol 50 has several side effects that may be bothersome and unpleasant for some individuals. One of the main side effects of this medication is the potential for severe liver damage. Anabolic steroids in general are extremely taxing on the liver and have a slower rate of elimination due to its overall toxicity.

Anadrol before and after
Anadrol before and after

There is the possibility of jaundice, hepatitis, and liver infection with its use. Decreased liver function may also contribute to kidney disease. Tumors of the liver and spleen have also been reported with long-term use of Anadrol 50. There is also a connection to liver cancer and anabolic steroid use.

Side effects such as weight gain, stomach discomfort, facial puffiness, fluid retention and breast swelling are also common with the use of Anadrol 50.

Females may experience an abnormal deepening of the voice as well as facial hair growth with prolonged use of this steroid. Severe cases of acne has also been reported in both men and women taking this medication.

Anadrol gains
Anadrol gains

A serious adverse effect that has been observed in certain individuals taking this steroid involves sporadic aggressiveness and feelings of hostility. These alterations involving the mood may result in psychological issues due to the increased amount of testosterone that is produced by the body while taking Anadrol 50.


What Other Steroids/Hormones Should It Be Used With?

It is essential for individuals taking Anadrol 50 to also use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and Clomid in order to balance out the hormones in the body. The administration of HCG assists the body by stimulating the gonads to release gonadotropins.

Anadrol can be used in a bulking stack/cycle - find out more about the bulking stack here
Anadrol can be used in combination with a bulking stack/cycle – check out our sample bulking stack here

The use of Clomid helps block the action of excessive estrogen in the body. The balancing of hormones while taking Anadrol 50 is necessary for desired results as well as for reducing the likelihood of serious adverse effects of this steroid.

The simultaneous use of Anadrol 50, HCG and Clomid is highly recommended due to the fact that the body does not produce enough testosterone naturally while taking these types of steroids.

The body becomes accustomed to the synthetic steroid causing the testosterone production during prolonged administration of Anadrol 50.

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