A quick review of TestX Core – does it boost testosterone?

TestX Core is a testosterone booster that is sold at pharmacies without requiring the consumer to have a prescription for it.

While it has elements that appear to be desirable at first glance, it gets many mixed reviews from consumers, which may turn off some potential consumers and require others to consider other products instead.

TestX Core as a Consumable Item

As a testosterone-boosting supplement, TestX Core is to be ingested by drinking a pair of capsules a day with a simple cup of water. Its production company is Phenom Health, which makes it directly purchasable from their own website.

Phenom Health describes the drug as capable of many bodily benefits, among which are fostering the production of hormones and the growth of muscles. In addition to reducing bodily fat, the supplement is also described as beneficial to the consumer’s performance and recovery time, and it is even advertised to enhance the user’s libido. Among the ingredients listed for the drug are natural components such as fenugreek, epimedium extract, tribulus terrestris, and ginseng.

Whether TestX Core has Potential Side Effects

Customer reviews describe TestX Core as a drug that is bereft of negative side effects in most cases. While this justifies what some consider to be a fairly steep price – which can be over seventy U.S. dollars – at least one user review claimed to have stopped using it after one week because his bowel movements became painful.

Generally speaking, this level of concern over a drug’s potential side effects can adversely reflect on its viability in the long term. If this supplement does cause pain and other negative effects over time, consumers will likely stop using it even if they like it at first.

Whether TestX Core is a Proven Formula

Some of the aforementioned natural ingredients in this drug are known to individually contribute to sexual drive and capability as well as aspects such as the quality of blood flow and increases in the user’s testosterone.

However, the overall formula has yet to be directly proven to increase testosterone, and some user reviews claim that the drug did not truly work to benefit them sexually.


What TestX Core’s Mixed Ratings Actually Mean

On Amazon.com, TestX Core’s average rating was reportedly less than two stars on a five-star scale. While the most dissatisfied customers claimed that it did not offer any benefits at all, other customers offered more mixed opinions. Some claimed that it only successfully improved the mass of their muscles, while the fairly steep asking price was an obstacle for other customers who had not yet tried using it in the long term.

Nevertheless, the outwardly poor rating on Amazon.com should be heeded as a warning sign for people who might blindly buy drugs like this otherwise.

Whether You Should Consider Testo-Max Instead

As a fairly expensive supplement, TestX Core may likely fail to warrant the asking price because its formula has not been scientifically proven to carry out what the product intends. Furthermore, it has received a concerning rating on Amazon.com by customers who claimed that it had harmful side effects after all.

Testo Max – a more powerful testosterone booster – read our full review here

An arguably superior alternative exists in the form of a supplement called Testo-Max, which also does not need a prescription. It has received praise from many users that claim to have received their desired increases in testosterone in a matter of weeks without any side effects.

It uses tribulus terrestris, ginseng, and fenugreek like TestX Core, and in addition to using no artificial ingredients at all, it also includes various vitamins.

Testo-Max should generally be used only by men that are at least twenty-five years old, and it should be consumed at a rate of three individual tablets throughout each given day. Whenever a tablet is ingested, the consumer should wait at least forty-five minutes before exercising.

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