6 Ways to Boost Your Nitric Oxide Levels Naturally

Nitric Oxide is an essential chemical in the human body. It serves as a regulator in important processes such as blood flow, cognitive function, and cardiovascular health.
It is vital that the human body maintain a sufficient level of Nitric Oxide at all times.
Nitric Oxide helps you build muscle mass faster
Nitric Oxide helps you build muscle mass faster
Those looking to build muscle mass and maintain an active lifestyle may not even realize that higher nitric oxide levels could drastically improve and speed up their results. There are so many benefits to increasing NO levels, and it’s more simple to boost than you might think.
Why increase nitric oxide levels in the body?

There are many benefits of Nitric Oxide. The most well-known benefit is its ability to improve the effectiveness of bodybuilding and workouts.

With increased NO in the body, the muscles get the right amount oxygen and nutrients throughout the bloodstream. This not only helps see results faster, but it cuts down recovery time after heavy workouts.
Since Nitric Oxide is a huge reason for erections, increased levels help to raise the sex drive and libido. NO also works to increase blood flow to the brain, which helps improve cognitive abilities. NO is also a great preventative tool against cardiovascular diseases. It aids the walls of the artery, relaxing them and allowing blood to flow more smoothly.
Nitric Oxide is such an important ingredient in a healthy and strong lifestyle. So it’s important to know what you can do to increase your NO levels naturally.
1. Consume Nitrate-Rich Foods

This is one of the simplest steps to increasing NO levels. When we feed our bodies nitrate-rich foods, the nitrites become nitric oxide when they reach the stomach. You’d be surprised at how simple it is to find and eat nitrate-rich foods.

Some examples of these foods are: collard green spinach, radishes, arugula, celery, carrots, parsley, beets, strawberries, and cabbage.
Not only are these foods full of many other essential nutrients, but those who work out heavily should be eating food like this anyway. Consuming these types of foods daily can increase NO levels quickly and with little effort involved.
2. L-arginine Supplements to Increase NO Levels

In one January 2008 report featured in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, studies showed that just 3g of L-Arginine supplement a day for a week drastically increased nitric oxide levels. This was compared to a placebo group. L-Arginine supplements are easy to find, safe, and simple to take.

L Arginine
It is an amino acid that assists in improving nitric oxide levels in the body. Taken as a pre-workout supplement is proven to be effective in raising NO levels and in turn, creating faster results. The recommended dosage is between 3 to 6 grams per day. “No2 Max” is such a supplement (read our full review of No2 Max here)

3. Citrulline Supplements to Increase NO Levels

Citrulline is another essential amino acid that when taken as a daily supplement, can increase the nitric oxide in the body. It boosts arginine levels as well because the kidneys convert L-citrulline to L-arginine later on.

Those who suffer with atherosclerosis can benefit greatly from Citrulline supplementation because it has been shown that it can relax the artery walls and increase blood flow.
It also aids in increasing the effectiveness of a workout, as well as helping those with erectile dysfunction.

4. Cut Back on Fatty Foods

An important way to ensure you are keeping your NO levels up is by avoiding foods with a high fat content. Eating these kinds of foods is not only counterproductive when trying to build muscle mass, but it also temporarily slows down blood flow in the arteries. This causes a disruption in the production of NO.

Cut back on fatty foods
Cut back on fatty foods
When you do have the occasional fatty meal, be sure to add walnuts. Walnuts can help relax the arteries as the high fat foods work to create stiffness. They are also rich in antioxidants, ALA and arginine.
5. Get Plenty of Moderate Exercise

A great way to boost NO levels is by moderate exercise or physical activity. Be sure to exercise for at least 30 minutes in order to achieve these results. A study from the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that even just simple aerobic exercise for a half hour greatly increased the levels of NO in the body, especially in the elderly.

Running with heart rate monitor sports watch
Basic exercise can not only boost NO, it is also essential for cardiovascular health and performance.
Examples of moderate exercises include: Jogging, power walking, aerobics, bicycling (at least 3 mph), hiking, swimming laps, and even heavy yard work or gardening.
6. Increase Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are always mentioned as a way to improve overall health and performance. They improve both cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as lower a person’s risk for blood clotting. These help to improve nitric oxide levels. With a normal diet, it’s easy to get enough (sometimes too much) omega-6 fatty acids. It takes a little more effort to ensure you have the omega-3 you need.

Fish oil supplements are a quick and easy way to get the necessary amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish, nuts, and dried fruits also have the Omega-3 the body needs. By adding a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acids to your diet, you will reap all the health benefits as well as increase nitric oxide levels.

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