5 Bodybuilders “Guilty” of Using Steroids

While many bodybuilders prefer natural support for their physique, others foolhardily attempt to get as muscular as possible as fast as possible: they Steroid Useaccomplish this with steroid use.

Genetics limits muscle size, but regular weight training can optimize natural development of the physique. Yes, this requires a lot of hard work, and the results of regular weight training will show. However, some of the best-known bodybuilders admit to using steroids. This is problematic when young men try to attain the same physical dimensions as their heroes, for young men will try steroids in order to look more like their unrealistic models.

A few bodybuilders have been open about their steroid use. While many of these men attained high levels of success in bodybuilding, the long term effects of steroid use have often caused other issues.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Before becoming a movie star and politician, Schwarzenegger used steroids before bodybuilding competitions. Claiming that he only used them to get cut, his muscles were still incredibly large.
Plus, in the 1970s when he was at the top of his bodybuilding game, restrictions on steroids were not as tight, so steroids were easy to get.
Today, Schwarzenegger does not comment on any long-term side effects he suffers because of his early steroid use..


Flex Wheeler

Wheeler spent 18 years taking steroids to stay competitive in the bodybuilding world. Eventually, the drugs took a toll on his body, and his kidneys began to fail. To counter this, Wheeler had a kidney transplant. Ironically, the very drugs that caused the kidney damage, steroids, also helped his body to not reject the transplanted kidneys.

Wheeler’s biography suggests that the abusive situations he suffered when young justify the steroid use because they made it possible for him to change his life; however, no amount of wealth or fame makes up for prior emotional trauma or failing health.

Ronnie Coleman

In addition to being a top-level bodybuilder, Coleman had a regular job as a law enforcement officer; thus, he avoided discussing his steroid use. Certainly, a conflict would arise for a police officer taking illegally-obtained steroids. The conflict between being a law enforcement officer and taking illegal drugs is even more perplexing when Coleman’s naturally large size is taken into account; the drugs may not have made that much difference in his physique.

In 2011, Coleman admitted to his steroid use when he was interviewed by Muscular Development magazine. Some videos also appear to show him discussing steroid use, but these videos are questionable at best.

Dorian Yates

Lacking exceptional natural musculature, Yates doesn’t hide his steroid use. He openly discusses the processes and the drugs he used to build his body. In one 2011 interview, he even explained how he cycles steroids to get the best effects.

Yet, this openness doesn’t appear to tarnish Yates’ reputation in the sport: He holds an honored place as a celebrated bodybuilder. The dedication and hard work that Yates applied, in addition to the steroids, is respected by fellow bodybuilders and fans.
Since retiring from the professional circuit, Yates runs a sports supplement business.

Jay Cutler

Cutler feels that steroids made it possible for him to become a 4-time Mr. Olympia. While the multiple titles rank him with Coleman and Schwarzenegger, he may be best known for his hard work in the gym. Also, Cutler may be among the first bodybuilders noted for diet. He became known for eating six to eight high protein meals a day to fuel his workouts.

Unusual genetic attributes helped Cutler attain his position in the professional bodybuilding world, but like many others, he used steroids because he thought they made him more competitive.

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